If life does not pound a lesson on you now and then you will not gain temper. Keep your temper and sharpen your mind and knowledge to keep a sharp edge on the sword of your wisdom and power. Just remember, the more you keep playing the tapes that are negative and reacting to them the more you are stuck to have them continue their harm.

It is not easy to let things go that have not been right but your hands and heart can only grasp so much. It is better to hold on to the choice of your life and views in the positive. You see, life is as much of an experience as your reaction to it, sometimes you need to just go inside feel the pain, and send those teachers love and a goodbye.

Get on with YOUR LIFE and not the continuances of their infliction of hate, ignorance and other vile things you took part in. This is as rust to the finish of your sword, learn to polish yourself and keep your lustre. Be always ready along your path to draw your sword and the low lives that try to surround you and take from you will know not to continue.

Master your affairs and become self-sufficient. Make your life happen and find yourself. Then if you meet someone else of similar reality you will be in-sync. Try not to change others, find those of your similar realities to keep company with. For the choosing of your company is the beginning of good habits to follow that they draw out of you in close proximity.


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