Do you even realise the power of your emotions and what you feel as being part of your created reality? Probably ‘not’ is the answer for many of you. Have you ever noticed the consistency of your drama and how it creates? If you are in a hurry and late you will run into obstructions beyond ordinary events. If you are sad, you will seek out more material to be depressed about to reinforce your feelings and positions.

Oh yes, and anger, that one especially is a strong magnet and you will have many conflicts to reward you. Fear yes, that is a doozy. It is the result of not having information nor taking action to resolve your inner issues. But what about love? Yes, when you are broadcasting love, you light the positive in people and this is your magnetism. Things are always manifesting by the result of held images in your mind and your position amplified-in with energy in motion or emotions. This is the law of attraction.

Sound makes vibration, and vibrations make the sound. What you feel is always looking for the matching events, patterns and imprint from your environment. People, places and things are all affected by your patterns of energy transmission. The encouraging thing is you can change your tone like the playing on the keys of a piano and adjust your melody. The states you are stuck in is your choice, remember this lesson.

If you keep saying ‘I am depressed’ you will stay that way. Same holds true if you start to pretend to be something, or a state of being when you strike that energy with your intention. It will be manifested like randomly pounding a key on a piano. So if you want to be happy start by manifesting this as your music sheet and practice, it is really that simple. Feelings change with your attention and focus.

If you do not like the station, you can tune into another.


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