There are greater aspects to the being that you are aware of. In your body, it is like being at the tip of an iceberg and there are things that you perceive simultaneously in your life. That is why suddenly many changes occur and events seem to just fall into place, almost as if there is a hand behind the scenes. That dear souls is true, because these are the hands of your soul making things happen for the personality to learn then to release, always at just the right moment. Many times you will be beyond what you’re capable of enduring and will have momentary breaks, and sometimes you are tested to your limits.

The more you begin to understand this and integrate with your soul then the voices of wisdom will become more meaningful, because that’s really your true self talking to your personality body mind. Never underestimate the power of the planetary and Circassian frequencies and rhythms for they seem to follow patterns of events in your life if you really look closely. This is why the Ancients knew the power of the planets and study their influences for they impact you immensely.

It is yourself and your fears that often get in the way of you being able to make rapid changes to achieve the things you want. Sometimes, all that is needed is determination and the start by moving one foot forward. Remember to have a good attitude, and be gracious when someone within the Universe offers you a gift that makes your situation better. In doing so, you will amplify the probability of continuation of good things in your life.

Everyone needs acknowledgement and recognition now and then. This goes for yourself when you start making progress in yourself, for it is priming the pump, your motivation. This week there will be much energy coming to the planet and many of you will experience wonderful things and events that are monumental. You will be getting inside on what it is you need to do and you will be seeing things more clearly.


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