Look closely at yourself. Do you love YOU around people or do you feel you must sell yourself in some way, shape or form? If your expressions of yourself are repetitive and exchanged in any inappropriate behaviour that your soul feels out of touch with, then you may need to re-evaluate your content and see that there lies the feeling of self-discount. That you cannot take your value true to heart and your expression of compensation is really not in alliance with what you truly are.

But you must ask what it is you want from people and those you are in contact with. For often people are mirrors you hope to find yourself in. When you recharge yourself in pure food, sun gazing and meditation the need for an audience greatly diminishes for you have found what you are looking for by reaching higher states of being. This is the key. You see, if you really want to socialise, it is an art. You listen and respond to that person and their topic fully. By showing interest and respect for other’s reality you will go a long way to being in social balance.

But do not beat yourself over the head for this. Just learn there is a more meaningful state of being in touch with loving yourself. Nothing is consistent at first and old patterns must be burned out and tossed. This process only happens when you are full of the higher and balanced states of being. This is the goal of the union of the soul to the mind, body and personality. Wisdom can be learned through study and refinement. This is of course for those on the path and out of the stage of the world circus events.

So many young souls on earth in the basic forming. You will undoubtedly run into conflicts with the natures of adolescent souls.


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