As you would but set a table for guests, so likened is it to your world of friends and opportunity. So be gracious and in good spirits for this will be the quality of people you harbour in your life. Always understand that whatever it is within you is drawn out in the company that you choose to keep. Everyone in your life imprints their perception of reality upon you. This is how you learn to be a social creature and part of the world you express yourself in. The tragedy is much of the world is poison and confused in the perception of values, and it is getting worse by the decade.

You dear souls, must be very keen to this and be selective as to your quality of life and spiritual environment. Remember, you are who you are and have your own inner format that comes directly from your soul cord. The closer you get to being in alignment to what your soul requires of your experiences and expressions, the more wholesome you will be to the script you wrote before part of your soul and consciousness took on the body application, and to format that in its chosen lessons to learn and refine. Too many times you humans are so restless in perpetual scrambling to compensate this issue and to just survive.

This gives you very little time to know that life does not have to be as hard as you envision it to be. So learn to stop now and then and reset. Bring your bodies to rest with health and recharge in nature. Learn to set agendas and visualise what you want your life to be. You see, your destiny works with your attitudes, desires and interests and this is your habit and choosing. Find your love and your moments but do understand not to take people for granted and as filler for your own emptiness. For when you are in a state of peace within yourself, your joys can be magnified in love and sharing.

Souls must continue to grow and understand the meaning and purpose of itself and always improve. It must also have pleasure and moments of ecstasy and the connection to the Presence of the Universe as a radiant naturing presence. Remember, it is the errors and mis-adaption of your expression and emotions that causes self-deterioration. So find your bliss and moments of joy without the clinging of others and material things. Find the treasures of the Infinite that flows through you as joyful energies.

Find time for rest and time for action, always in balance.


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