Never underestimate the beauty of your body and the opportunity of your mind and what you term ‘ego’. This has had a lot of bad connotations over the years particularly in the realms of the religious. For if your ego was ‘strong’ as they call it, then you would not need a saviour propagandised and “saved from yourself becoming”. I wish to point out that you are all of the infinite and more majestic than you could even perceive, but you’re still looking outward and you’re still measuring yourself by the reflections of others and things around you.

You are the souls in the making of perfection. Before you get onto your fantasies about the Matrix and that you’re all slaves, I really need to make it clear to you nothing could be further from the truth of what you really are. You see, the blueprint of what you are is perfection, for it is consciousness. Your lifetimes are a blank slate because you are the creators of yourself. Have you any idea of the immensity of the universe and universes that intertwine endless? Remember, it has been forever and so is your Supreme Consciousness, all connected.

But the soul is becoming and must learn many expressions in the lower realms, we call this boot camp. In the lower densities you have entities that are stuck and must suffer until they realise what honour, integrity and love are all about. So as you process your schooling in your life times, the mirror image of what you’re creating is formed and assimilates wisdom and this crystallise is a cord of Akashic records. This is why there is such a duality in your natures. Until you become proficient in ‘knowing’ not believing, not pretending, but being the living force of your lessons, then you move on.

You must become, you must love yourself before anyone else for until you do everything you perceive will be off colour and not in harmony. Your whole being must be crystallised in a state of presence, because sooner or later your bodies and your mind will be lost, but the infinite being that you are will not be. Let the seed germinate, for it is within. All it needs to do is what it is designed to do, and that is how your life it can be. You cannot change your seat, but you can be what you really are. Not corrupted by the judgments of others and their rules and regulations.

You must blossom within yourself and understand that you’ll have cycles in your lives. If you’re too complacent then you have lost your schooling. When you’re truly on the path you may lose everything that you are not. If you are sinking, you don’t need a purse full of gold. As I mentioned before in my teachings there’s a force within you that knows the design and the changes to make. Learn to trust in this to find your wisdom, as with all the great teachers of the world that are truly teachers and not self-gratifying fakers of enlightenment.

A true Master has its light that shines through. From his eyes and his heart they have a sense of peace and the internal present moment. But a false prophet speaks endlessly like someone trying to tread water trying to win you over in their illusion because they want something from you in terms of material. They’re not giving, they are teachers and they are predatory users who reach states of knowing where they can understand just how easy it is to manipulate people. All you need but do is talk to a lawyer or a priest.

Dear students, go easy on yourself because shame and self-judgment does not accomplish growth and change, for it is as poison to your roots and will keep you from blossoming. If you were to just be in nature, eat healthy food, exercise and spend a day loving yourself, you would have accomplished more than shaming by calling yourself a sinner and unworthy. The religions of the world for the most part are so dark that they thrive on shaming you and belittle what you are, which makes you nothing more than a cog in the mechanisms of their agenda.

This I can assure you is not the path of your soul, but this is the world of illusion.


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