Learn the power of your will and intention for it is conscious dreaming that creates your reality and overrides others, and sometimes to the detriment of others and to your own. Think of your belief systems and your inner dialogues as your governors of reality. Some people literally want to believe they are sick, so they create and they continue to dwell on their sicknesses and weaknesses, forever making them part of the dream.

It’s no different than looking at other people in your age group and thinking ‘I’m getting older’. It begins within your mind what it means to be older and what it means to be prosperous and rich. You see, the essence of what you create for yourself is based on your dedication and focus of your self belief systems. If you said to yourself ‘I’m not as strong as I used to be’, when it comes time to carry a load you automatically condition your framework to be weaker.

If you were to say ‘I am strong’ and grasp the weight, you will find that it really wasn’t as heavy and it’s all limited by perceptual reality. I wish to tell you that you are limited by your imagination and if you don’t control your mind or what you think and all the information you bring into yourself, of course you will be programmed and have to wrestle against things that are not even your own information, nor fit you.

If you want to transform yourself and metamorphosize realities that are of higher dimension potential, then you must begin to dream and think that way and be in the force of your dreams and in the force of your reality. Understand that in order to remodel a building sometimes you have tear down old walls, old lifestyles and belief systems about yourself. Then when the slate is clear you can redesign yourself and this is what your soul does.

Either you are in agreement with your soul or it will make things happen that can be caught conflicting to your belief systems, but in the end better for the reality of what you need to change to modify your life to. This is why you lose your homes, lovers, best friends, jobs and pets. Nothing is permanent, not even your illusions for you’re all doomed to perfection.



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