For the eyes looking at you come from the same source that is you. You could love people but you don’t have to take their ‘shit’. When the programs of others still fit in harmony with yours, let them know you don’t have to accept their ways. However, in the game of life you must play by the rules. It is better to make eye contact and use less energy of negativity when people are in your space and violate what feels in harmony with yourself. But don’t be naive to the point you let them take advantage of you and what you have, who you are, or belittle you, otherwise you will continue being a victim.

Learn to speak your mind, but you must first find your mind then unplug from the brainwashing of society and the new agendas that are quite frankly ridiculous. Just know this, nature has laws based on the functionality of the biological creature and the elements in the chemicals, and all that is. You violate the laws of nature and there will be consequences, period. The world is in a chaotic shift of values, morals and clarity. You don’t have to make that your reality because it isn’t reality against nature. No different than when cancer takes over a healthy body, it does whatever it wants with the cells.

If your mind becomes the same way you are bankrupt of moral and integrity. You believe that you have to take all the conditioning of a new world order and you truly are delusional. A rooster is a rooster and a hen is a hen. Roosters don’t lay eggs, hens do. It is no different in the species and gender. Is your world that insane that you think that you can’t identify between man and woman? Where is this nonsense coming from? But in using your language you are free to be your expression and you will pay the consequences that go against nature. But for many of you that’s what you need, because some can’t even identify with their own gender.

When you put your shoes on you have a right and a left foot and a right and left hand. Don’t get caught up in the social political correctness that it is termed. You’re being brainwashed. The world will be making many changes and of course the religious Muslims and Christians will be the first to say it is end times. The world could use a good cleansing but to the wise they will already know, for they are in touch with nature and the world and the inner dimensions and can easily walk out of a body into a new one. The world is getting yanked into new gravity and solar energy.

Much like a stage where the curtains are drawing and the scenes must be changed, so will your planet be. Keep in mind there is no judgement. You are exactly where you need to be by your belief systems and your hearts. You have a wonderful description in your world called ‘shit’. It’s hard enough to deal with your own, but you certainly don’t need to deal with others. So be careful not to fling it onto others and to use it for fertiliser. Just know this, wherever you go it will have been determined by your frequency, level of awareness and your heart. Everything on the outside is exactly everything on your inside.

That is why you pull it to yourself, it’s only mirrors.


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