The New Age really does mean the Age of Aquarius. There was the Age of The Bull in the constellation when Moses walked the earth. There was the Piscean Age that came to be at the time of the supposed birth of Jesus, which is symbolic of the fish or Pisces. You’re at the dawning of Aquarius which are the new energies coming to the planet. With this, is empowerment where you’re off your knees and can become restored with your sovereignty. It is rebellion of the Piscean Age to worship The Bull which is Taurus in astrological accountability. The diluted Christians of the Piscean Age are trying to hold on and not let go of their belief systems to adapt to the New Age of Aquarius, which will last approximately 2500 years. They manipulate through fear and mis-programming. They want you stupid and unaware of the spiritual dimensions that you’re already in, and they say you can’t go there keeping you stuck in the matrix by judgement, fear and the devils and saviours.

These are fairy tales and lies. There is karma that is real, what you reap you sow which is cause and effect and creation, for you are the many gods creating your own realms. They are at their context to the nature of the divine primordial matrix and grid works of the universal principles or they are destructive. If you seek power, you will be destroyed by it. If you seek knowledge you will be filled with it and you will be proud of yourself, to the point you can become immune unless you have the frequencies of harmony and LOVE. If you do not dare to become strong your forcefields are nothing but mere props of illusion. You must understand that the presence of the universe holds everything that ‘is’ and nothing is stronger than the Creator of all that is. The greatest sacrifice you can make is to find your supreme consciousness and your identification of your soul as one unit, then you will know the truth. In order to pierce the veil you have to let go of all the programs of this world including religions, science, and materialism as well as spiritual materialism.

The lift that you have in your evolution is created by one principle and that is frequency, for your frequency will be like a magnet and take you to where you are in matching pictures of your concept of reality. The easiest way to control you is to say that any new knowledge is of ‘the devil’ or false leading. Look at what has happened in the terms of the saviours Allah and Jesus. Only look at the fruits of their beliefs and workings to understand they have totally destroyed the beautiful Eden of this planet. Try to understand, there are many levels of consciousness and maturity. In my father’s house there are many mansions. A mansion is a world, place of dwelling. The Christians say they don’t believe in ‘New Age’ yet many are telling you that the world is flat and there’s only one entity, that the meaning of who you are and what you may gain is ego and of the devil or Lucifer. Choose to be heretic and be brave and blasphemous enough to get out of this corrupted state of affairs of illusion.

If you hold your hand over fire it will burn your hand. If you pour liquid nitrogen on your hand it will burn and destroy it, and that is because of the frequency and the density of this dimension. There are sciences and there are religions, there are governments and there are banking institutions, all of which trap you as a prisoner and slave just to survive. The last piece of real estate that you have is your Consciousness in mind, and they even want that. Your concept of the devil, Lucifer and Satan, or whatever name you wish to empower your fears can go to hell! Whatever corrupted saviours you have that demand blood and sacrifice and endless prayer to their gods that are vain, can go to heaven and be saved in their own world of reality and matrix. The fact of the matter is, the Earth is real and this a wonderful holographic boot camp. Think of it as a surreal video game in its highest form. You score points by the wisdom and knowledge you have learned and you remediate all of your illusion in the mind. Religions won’t save you, it is the connection to who you are, so dare to be that.

But once again, my teachings are for the students who are ready. Sooner or later you have to walk out of the theatre and face the duties that your soul is destined to become. Analyse the logic of everything. If you don’t have the birth right of your own sovereignty to create who you are then this whole concept of reality is absurd. I can assure you the greatest compliment you can create is your evolution of the soul. You can sit around and stare at a piece of stone granite, you can say only one being has the right to create and you can wait for 2,000 years and never manifest anything. Or you can dare to pick up the hammer of Thor and the chisel of a sharp mind and the intention of your power and will and say I dare to make who I AM, the choice is yours. Ignorance teaches ignorance and the deceived teach what they are taught in their deception. You have to find the truth in yourself or this whole concept of Being will self-destruct. The Creator is not a wrathful god, the reason you have wars and bloodshed is that they’re all based on religion.

Christians and Muslims are the first in anger to fight and kill by their beliefs. Little do they know, there are entities playing the game of chess and watching this as they suck the energy created by your fears from the gods of Eden. Look deeply, for everything they say has truth and has lies. When will you stop wrestling and grow up? For everything you think, feel and are, including your fears and your mental intuitiveness, is who you are and what you create and are responsible for. Quite frankly Christians, your god Jesus has done a very poor job of saving you, look at your world! It is through your actions and beliefs that you have manifested what you fear the most. You have killed people and have destroyed the planet, all for the name of your saviour the ‘govern mental’. They have used your laws to enslave the souls that come here through their agenda. The corrupted one Enki was once a great being, Keep in mind the real meaning in all fairytales.

Your planet is a result of religions and its evolution and they tell you to keep you stuck in total belief that the Earth is flat. Enoch Yahwah with very advanced alien technology are those that created experiments for biological forms, and they are your gods. Know there are Masters that work with DNA and denser material, creative building blocks of primal energy that are nothing more than radio receivers that conduct the frequencies of the life force that is experiencing itself. I warned you very clearly that the next illusion will be that you will be tracked by artificial intelligence, unless you learn how to connect to the real internet of source. You are but mere seeds, each with a flower destined to blossom. The gods of your world created an icon, so all you have in your greatest servitude is to be a duplicate of only one form of beauty. If you see this, then you will know that you’re trapped in the matrix. There are endless amounts of creation and seeds of flowers and beauty, all waiting to become.

Let a rose be a rose, a daffodil be a daffodil, and let a pansy be a pansy. Are you getting the point? Dare to resonate with where your heart leads you. Be prepared to take your finger and salute the iconic gods of this world and even the concept that The Devil is a God. These are the two serpents that guard the temple in the passage beyond this world and the forbidden fruit that you ate in the Garden of Eden. Eat of it, for it is the knowledge that frees you. It is the principles of the polarity of yin and yang or the serpents of the caduceus. Unless you release these principles to the brainstem you will never activate your pineal gland, you will never use your inner compass. The Aquarian Age that you’re about to experience is the new dispensation for all souls in this expression of being, and it happens regardless of your beliefs or your worshipping. I must say, I’m quite perplexed at the ignorance of your world and all of your teachers. Very few speak wisdom for they all have agendas.

Any agenda that does not teach you to grow and blossom to gain wisdom and self-empowerment as a child of the cosmic universe to not worship the Lords as sheep, whether they be those of your Lucifer or your devil, are all misleading you. Everything upon your planet is deception including what you perceive as your saviours. Clean the radio that you’re in (your vessel) and make it pure by not having death vibrations. Connect with unlimited ‘science and understanding’ or you will not be able to deal with the new vortices of energy that are now coming to your planet as this is passing through the null zone. Once again, anything that separates you and tears you down is a principle of control and an invader. You need to dare to invade yourself with information of what you want so that you can blossom. It has already been designed in the creation of you, so you must follow your path. I’m not talking about your mind, I’m talking about what you have as your soul and your duty as a child of the universe.

We’re interested in mature and advanced beings to be our brothers and our sisters and in many varieties of biological experiments. We all have one thing in common and that is consciousness. Whatever species you are or whatever alien body, this is no better than the other. It is all an experience. I must again say, you were given the tickets and you have before you many rooms of movies to watch and you’re not there permanently. Nothing is for eternity except your consciousness. It is all a movie to learn into experience. If somebody is going to tell you anything different they’re just selling you their movie, they want to draw you into their carnival. Understand you’re free to leave anytime you wish. Learn that you’re in a movie, for all of these are matrixes of collective minds thinking this as reality. If you don’t like rowing the boat as a slave of the captains of this world, then break your chains. Stop being drunk and buying the poison and gruel they feed you.

Fast and starve yourself to cleanse, then pull your hands out of the handcuffs. Stop rowing the boat for your masters. There is no one guarding you, know when to leave. They are secure in their mental cage of beliefs and religions. You’re all passengers to their agenda that makes you all slaves. I come to tap you on the shoulder. Wake up, you don’t have to row your boat in this illusion. Eat your food, cleanse your body so that you can pull your hands and feet out of the shackles. You can row the boat for Jesus or Allah, you can row the boat for Buddha, you can row the boat for Lucifer, you can row the boat for your banking institutions or for your own self illusion. Either way, you’re still a slave in the system until you wake up and let go of your slavery and start growing. Watch carefully and jump off the deck when you have reached the top, swim into the waters of the universe and you will be taken to an island and you will nourish yourself on your Island to regain your physical and mental being on a new world that is not of this world.

This is your island of sanity. Then you will make a vessel and fabricate with your knowledge and you will remember that you’re the captain of your ship. You will find that you remember the winds of nature and instantly you will have gained your power again. When you find your ship ‘the real body’ you will never again give the helm of your will and sovereignty to any invader as a pirate telling you that everything you know is wrong. No longer will you welcome them or the rum they give you as they ransack your ship of all that you are. When you’re drunk they will take you aboard their prison world of beliefs. They’ll even tell you the Earth is flat and that the only truth is their Lord and saviour and everything else is the devil. Or they may become another form of pirate that tell you that Allah is the only way. I can go on with more deceptions but the point is, if you leave the connection of your ship and do not take charge and course of your sovereignty to gain the compass and learn how to read the stars, you will be stuck on the world with their illusions and movies.

Learn to navigate and understand. There’s always a safe harbour if you have the wisdom, science and the Occult knowledge of what really is the truth for yourself, with your own knowledge and wisdom as a captain of your ship. You must speak it, go beyond. For technologies and toys that entice you keep you stuck in their systems of religion or new sciences that have no logical purpose. Be careful, there are many new adage themes to the movie technologies that you’re about to experience as a final chapter of the Piscean Age closes. From their tongues they can tell you they know everything. They will manipulate you and seduce you with their belief systems.

If you feel this in your being, you’ll resonate with this. Stop plugging deeper into their viruses. You must think beyond the box and beyond your human biological impressionable minds.


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