Just know this, everything that you digest and eat in your soul’s life must eventually be eliminated and processed. All of your minds are linked as a fractal consciousness so take a look, you’re about to see major chaos. When your government cannot control the masses and they have no place to turn they will turn wild, like feral animals. Mexico is going to have major changes with the weather. There’s going to be major earthquakes, tornadoes and heat waves, and also in Chile and the other Latino countries like El Salvador and Ecuador.

The whole Ring of Fire is going to quicken and there will be major volcanoes and earthquakes. Why do you think Donald Trump wants the wall? There will be massive earthquakes in Vancouver, Oregon and Washington and the earthquakes shall trigger volcanic activity. Los Angeles will be hit with major earthquakes. This is all to happen very soon. Just look at the indicator with Hawaii, it is time to wake up.

We shall have very hot weather and seasonably hot summer and the weather shall be severe with many thunderstorms and tornadoes and temperatures will be at record lows and highs. These are exciting times, though trying. This is not punishment but a psychic harvest. The dynamic evolved beings centuries ahead of you that work with energy and lifeforms have been conducting experiments. Not only with your body forms and DNA, but also with the animal life and you are so to speak, hitching a ride. Well should I say, at least part of it.

Keep in mind ‘what you think, you are’. You are more and your soul is much greater in the capacity of your biological body. But those are the cards you’re dealt with to play the game, for your lessons are the real prize and there are many mansions and worlds that are waiting for your next stage of evolution. With technology evolving they become faster and faster to assist the viewer. You are the program the rest is just hardware. Work on programming what it is you know about yourself, that is the key in these changing times. You will need to be strong and seasoned and trust your feelings and instincts.

It’ll go a long way to your survival, but moreover, many of you are waking up with newer instincts because your third eye is opening up to the real deeper purpose of all these changes.

Fear not your life, fear ignorance.


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