When you’re in conflict of events and situations, rather than react look at it all and inventory the situation. Understand perspective is everything and emotions can magnify ‘ant hills into mountains’. You see, it is human nature to complain, worry and spend all this useless energy in reaction which only feeds the situation. When you sit back and scrutinise the elements of the situation then you can know what information you need to find and resolve it. So when things are bothering you it’s a tap on the shoulder to look. There are no problems to the soul, only solutions to find.

This is where you need to learn to use your emotions as a sensory device and use your mind with discretion and your soul for vision. You need to give in and stop reacting to every detail because this becomes a bad habit, and you are creatures of habit and conditioning. You never just get there, you have to maintain your awareness. If you let your mind and your soul be on the hammock for too long you will certainly have problems that will be dependent on others to solve, which is exactly the opposite to the growth of your soul. Once again, think of the vision of continually polishing a silver mirror because if it’s tarnished your brilliance will not shine through.

I must point out that vibrations of your body unit are directly proportional to what you feed it, what you put into your mind, and what you react to. There are many disruptive entities in the astral. If you have lower frequencies they will come into you and torment you, it is a sort of sport for them. These were once very known, but thanks to the church all of the occult knowledge has been erased and you are forbidden to know of it. That is how they control you. You see, there are interdimensional realities woven within your time frame and universe on Earth, and your soul does extend through multi universes.

Gargoyles and lower Elemental beings are very real. So are fairies, nymphs, deities and various animal lifeforms which is the mind behind animals, plants, mineral kingdoms and the very Earth itself. And yes, the planetary alignment creates graviton force fields that affect your body mind and events with potentiality. The higher beings of the church and the government know of the hidden knowledge. So as long as you stay ignorant they will use them against you. However, there is no excuse in this day and age for not having knowledge, at least for the moment. Information is there and is being revealed so you can never say that you didn’t have the opportunity to know.

Everything in your world is designed by corporate manipulation and maritime law including your religious-based laws. Keep in mind your free will cannot be taken but your minds can be if you give permission for your sovereignty to be controlled. Why else would they say give your soul to a religious figure head? This is a sacrifice that is still part of the ancient Babylonian agenda of the reptilian interdimensional beings that want to keep you from discovering your universal power and presence. Stay away from anything that is fluoride if you want your doorway opened of your visionary third eye ‘the pineal gland’.

They want you trapped in ignorance and controlled by fear, so it is your own mind that clips your wings to keep your soul from flight. Dear Souls, you are all starseed and very dynamic so get off your knees so turn yourself in. Love yourself, you are all so valuable and when you love yourself you won’t need the fix of the opiates of religion. You must face your dragons and your fears, for quite frankly they are not yours. Along with information there is major misinformation coming to the planet. You must feel what you resonate with and hold on to that, because that is the only piece of the puzzle you can put together of your own picture of reality, and even that will change with the more you know and the higher states of vibration you reach.

You must take the steps one at a time. Even if you take three steps and fall back one or two, you’re still achieving growth and your Ascension. Just know this, being on this world is not an easy matter and if you wish to maintain who you are and your soul’s value you will most undoubtedly run into people that will stifle you and situations as well. Think of your life as a holographic chess board. If you don’t know your moves or understand the game of life with wisdom and knowledge you will lose yourself. Understand, those that are of the weaker mind can be controlled and used as pawns against you by these agents that I have spoken of that do not have a loving nature, and will do everything they can to stifle you like Pirates and take your energy.

Once again, it is okay to be angry and passionate, but do understand whatever you react to attaches to you if you allow it. When you reach the state of pure reflection and knowing you have arrived at the most powerful tool against the elite and interdimensional beings monitoring your every move. Some are more benevolent, loving and are your teachers and some are destructive. This is the duality of the world and the game is not easy, so in all that you do be aware. Use your emotions and tame them into a resource of creative dynamic and remembrance of who you are as a interdimensional being. It goes beyond a body unit that you’re capsulated in.

For you are not a body that is the spirit, you are a spirit that uses a body as an application.


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