What does the term King mean? What does the term In God We Trust mean? What does Banking mean? God is money. You’re slaves to the God you worship. GOD is Gold Oil Drugs. When Jesus was anointed what does that mean? The saviour of OIL. You must believe in the OIL to save you and give your life to it. What does the word Christ mean? It comes from the word Christos or ‘Oil’ (such as Crisco oil for “vegetable” oil). We shall say upon them all the words of law and make it into the story, and they by their contracts shall we rule. For they will commit in the signatures of a blood contract and be willing to give their bodies to us as human resources. Caveat Emptor.

What does Jesus do? He saves you, no different than when you save your money. It is in this currency that you’re given agreements to your body when your soul arrives. In order to control someone, you must take The body of Christ willingly. You must give them liberty and pledge allegiance with your heart. What is it that welcomes you when you come to the New World? It is the statue of Liberty and it is not of the land, it is set off the shores. There are the Yorks of England and their ruling is done by England. It is the ‘New York’ or the New ORDER OF YORK and it was the Illuminati that made the Statue of Liberty. They constructed this to be the calling and warning of this great land. Who is this statue of The goddess of Sol in ancient Babylonian? She is the female whore goddess, she is the FEEmale.

It all comes for a price and in the last days shall the WHORE be brought to her knees, Amen RA. The God RA shall return with his ships to take the souls home. And YHWH, look at the Hebrew fire signs and look at the DNA of man. In this, you will see the markings of the engineered humans with the chromosomes under an electronic microscope. Sacrifice comes from sacra or sacral fires and it is always given in blood. The Christ gave his blood to ‘God The Father’ and sacrificed his blood to YHWH. Christ Consciousness is the oil, blood given to the Father. And what is the Pope called? The Father. It is in ROME where the Vatican is the home and sacred land of the Father, for all roads lead to Rome ‘Ruling Over Man Equally’ or ROME.

The Crown of the FATHER is the head of the fish and ‘The Fish’ is the symbol of the Piscean Age. There are 12 disciples that sit at the last supper with the SUN in the middle. The SUN was nailed to the Cross. The Sun and the Solar Cross is the symbol of the North-South-East-West and this spells NEWS ‘North East West South’. God is Dog, Live is Evil and the Lived is Devil. Jesus is the Son of God and there are 12 astrological signs or 12 houses. We have moved from the house of Torus the Bull and now this happens to be the ending of the days or end times of the knowledge of the OLD TESTAMENT. Moses was given the 10 commandments to take his people home to the proposed land.

Jesus The Anointed One brought the NEW TESTAMENT and he is the ‘Fisher of Man’ the symbol of the Ecluse or The Fish and now it was time to bring in the Piscean Age. The Christians did rule for their Astrological time. The Dawning of the New Age is Aquarius and the bringing of water to cleanse and wash the feet of Christ. So now this era is being resisted in the “Last Days” no different than Moses in the changing of the guards. The Queen of England wears the crown of the 12 tribes of Israel. She sits upon the cornerstone of Jerusalem, a stone from the Viking tribes that escaped from their promised land. England did crown the Kings Of The Vikings and they did promise to bring in the new Jerusalem.


In the last days, Jerusalem shall be restored as promised by the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths of the Illumined ones who are the chosen ones from the lineage of Rome that took the knowledge and turned it into the bibles of the world in the creations of religions. THE NEW WORLD ORDER shall rule the world as God’s chosen. The Sun of Diana shall be made the King of the New Jerusalem with a union of the United States and that of England so shall we create our ruling. For in the last days there shall rise one false god that is the Lucifer or Satan and the Armies of Christ or Oil shall unite. So when Amen RA returns, his creations of the purgatory Earth world from the Atlantean deluge shall be Judged. The Elohim came to the Cities of Sodom and those of Gomorrah.

The Gods did not find any of the creations that did not respect nature so the cites were destroyed by fire and this was by nuclear-detonated devices. In the last days, God will not destroy the world with water, it shall be destroyed by fire the next time. It is the sign of the Rainbow that is my promise. Hence, it is apparent that Amen RA does not like sexual acts that violate common gender principles that corrupt the souls with unbalance principles. The symbols of the GAY movement is the RAINBOW Flag. The New Agenda is to train the young impressionable children to learn this disorder and the waters of the New Age shall become toxic.

Fukushima and the veins of the Christ shall be buried into the Mother Earth. Water is the sacred cleanser. The lands of the world shall be polluted. At the End of the ages, there shall be webs of the White man like spider webs. The Blue Kachina shall be the first sign but when the Red Kachina comes “the great destroyer and cleanser” so shall the Great Grand Father return of the Hopi Prophecy. The Great Bird people shall return for in the waters of the earth, air and land shall be the elements of life. They will build with the aid of the Fallen One’s great weapons to fight the return of the Great Amen RA and it shall take all the energy of the world to create an energy beam to target the invaders. This is the El or electricity. A great magnet pulse shall release the scalar weapons of those deceivers that have saved the world for their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Study the Bible, and you will see that they’re telling you their version of events that the hidden elite will not have you know. Minds held in the belief by the gods shall create the reality. Quantum Mechanics. So, if you would but observe how society is being corrupted by the liberties the whores that know this will make the harvest with less spoiled grains, for the Gods of the Anunnaki and RA shall destroy the Earth by fire for the perversions. But we shall awaken many before the time and we shall let the polarities of the society measure their faith with the liberties that they have. Keep in mind dear souls from Atlantas, they do not want you to eat of the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Your sciences shall be held by the self-proclaimed chosen that rule you by your agreements and beliefs.

For the Matrix is held by your minds dear batteries, they are telling you by the movies and their symbols. We shall be called the deceivers and the “Aliens” and yet they took all of our knowledge locked away in the Vatican. Those that rule you by the FATHER keep breeding the half-truth to have you become their sheep to fleece. Their books do contain the truth, but they forbid you to know that which they study in the Masons and the Illuminati the information of the Occult sciences. They have taken your reason and have twisted the keys of Enoch and the OLD TESTAMENT into the NEW TESTAMENT. These are based on beliefs which require the surrender of your mind and soul by contract to the real devils and deceivers that rule your entire world. Clever have they been, but you have lost the inner compass of your birthright.


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