The distillation of the forces of correction from the higher beings of light are precipitating the great energy through this feeling of volcanic activity. Great changes will be coming from the inner. The magnetic polarities are in their season, the Earth’s magnetic poles are now ready to shift. As we come into the New Age of Aquarius, from within your mind and all that has been buried you’re having volcanoes in your mind, hot winds with quivering. You’re releasing and everything very deep within you is coming out. For many of you with this process, the gems of your being are surfacing and you’re seeing who you really are without the sideshow of having to prove.

For those that have been vaccinated and brain dead by fluoride and aluminum oxide, if you have anything left in your biological machine you can be healed but you must do a cleansing and you must remove yourself from alcohol, meat, and heavy metals. This is not the wrath of Gods but this is the wardens coming because you’re not through with your teaching in this cycle. You’re going to be interviewed, each and every one of you if you haven’t already been. You have a term in your prison world which is fractal duplication. For the ground troops that are already here, you have enjoyed many tests and trials and you’re ready and have been appropriately conditioned. You’re the sleeping military of the light of intergalactic higher vibrations.

Keep in mind, this is not the light of religions but the light of consciousness. If your state of being says I only follow one God or one devil you’re still stuck in The Matrix. The truth is, you must try and stop these illusions because they are both sides of the wing of the vulture that has held you to the claws of governmental agendas. The red Kachina is here and you’re not being told. Finish up your business, if you lose your body it’s not important. Just know, it’s okay to lose your mind because that’s connected to what keeps you linked to the grid of the Matrix but if you betray the sovereignty of your being in your soul then you will have lost.


How can I tell you the books of the Old Testament are correct and show us the revelations? All of these things were written by the church but The DaVinci Code is deeper. These are just mere forgeries of when Rome conquered the knowledge in the African nations. They are telling you what this is if you would but watch this from an open point of view. They have to tell you what’s going on, but they do not. Those that are asleep will be murdered in their dreams of illusion created by themselves and their negligence. Remember the ancient teachings of Amen RA each of you that are ready for the transition and facing your dragons and your gremlins.

If you face them with fear instead of understanding then these are issues of yourself unresolved pain of being violated at an early age, these are the hidden blisters in your psyche that are very deep down in the earth of your being. The eruptions are happening on your skin and in your mouth. Your bodies are rejecting these toxins that they have been programming you with, including the interdimensional beings that have studied you by probing you and setting up situations to study the sport of human consciousness in a limited form you call human body. Keep in mind, your soul comes from the great Lemurian, Atlantean and other high star sectors.

Your souls have been a child in use and forms of your detention or cage world. Once again you’re tricked by fragments of information by religion. Until you really know the meaning of the symbols and how they trigger ancient memories within you to manipulate, then you will surely be a sheep. So as you awaken I will tell you this. Many will see this as the wrath of God and they will further swallow the pill of illusion by thinking they’re going to be saved all of a sudden, like desperate rats jumping ship down a rope to safe harbour. But you must forsake religions and gods because those life rafts that you think you’re skipping into take you back to the same prison world once again.

You must be bold enough to enter your communication with your divine spark and denounce all of your contracts to the govern mentals and to the religious armies they use to equally deceive you. You must find your inner cave and come through the wormhole. Down through the rabbit hole you must go with total regard to all of the illusion to not trust religion. Trust the knowledge that you resonate with, because there’s going to be a very chaotic time shortly because of the changing but beings like myself are here to help you by turning on a light so that the roaches can scramble, and the mice can run for the cheese. And the beings at the table will wake up from the great hangover and many will walk away, never to repeat this losing again.


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