The ‘love’ she married cloaked her real beauty and brilliance and her self-image was corrupted. When she got out of the spell and toxic environment she found a mirror, and in this did she see a reflection of herself that helped her to remember her soul and worth from her own eyes that was not from the suppression of her husband and the prison of her love she was told was her duty.

When she walked out of the cage her wings began to grow, and she began to miss the cage for she was afraid of the new. It was only the circumstances where her wings were not constantly clipped did she find out that she could grow them again. As the days did turn her wings did grow as the Phoenix Rising, and from the fires of all her trials and tests did she find her soul.

Upward and onward she escaped from the hell she lived to fully find herself, her real self that was not limited, and she did take flight. So she had learned what love is and how it is a prison to her when her wings got clipped, and how she was diluted by poison in the one she trusted her love. And something called her from afar, a calling to her from her long-lost mate that was the fuel to her soul.


So after the funeral of the illusion, she left, finding that even the funeral is fun. Had it not been for her ability to laugh and be satirical, she would have succumbed and truly died to herself. Simultaneously across the world did her mate’s journey make the same reality and the winds of nature carried them home together. But this time their wings will still fly and they will soar to the heavens of their soul’s sharing of the Spirit.

For once again they found their natures and they have found their heart’s joy that begged and cried deep within their inner soul. This was their mate and their connection which was not their previous, for they were deceived and not wise but yet it was there. They needed to really understand what the world can bring and its deception of illusion if you dare to think that all souls on this planet have the same integrity from those of the higher realms.

Never lose your integrity, because if you do then you will have broken your wings of the soul never to fly again. Never hurt anyone, for those of the soul cord of the Spirit to the grandfather and grandmother know that if they hurt another you’ll just be plucking your wings one by one until there’s none left to journey.

And this is your own doing.


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