The primary force of all life is to live in its expression and to survive at all costs. This drive is the dynamic spiral of everything. The appearances of life are the exchanges of other life for fuel, and this is the food chain, but all things are in balance with the creation and the destruction or the recycling principle. There are energies that are the principle of death and destruction of life forms that have had their time to create fuel and function as a resource of expression of the very force of life. This is the duality of life and death, man and woman, positive and negative, left and right, light and dark. The only thing that is not stuck in this cycle is the consciousness that is in itself the force behind the creation; the building blocks of energy and magnetic torsion fields of magnetism, and the knowledge imprinted by it for the movement called electricity which is everywhere to create gravity and electromagnetic spectrum of vibrations.

So the only real variance is the eternal consciousness view. It is the opportunity to imprint creation, and the scenes are set to click for a while with the consciousness all in perfect understanding because all is of one essence experiencing itself. Shiva, the term for the ‘destroyer’ is the creator of dissolving the creative expression, no different than a teacher becoming the hand of the chalkboard so that not one appearance dominates any other beyond the forms of matter that expresses the moments of creation. For any life form to say to the consciousness of that root of life coming from one consciousness that is the Prime Force of all that is, that one has right over the other, does not know the presence of its real self. If you huemans would but grasp beyond your limits and know that you can only find yourself through harmony and not war, then you can experience the GOD that you are. Without this, you will have conflicts based on manufactured scarcity.


There is one thing you cannot change and that is nature and the primordial stage of the principles of the Universe. If you do, you will be consciously stuck to Shiva that destroys and you will see death and the life of the Shiva breaking down all that has been living into compost for new things to become. So if you choose to keep warring among yourself and others, you shall be remaining in the dungeon realms until you release to become free by creation and love. To play the game, you must know the rules that are set by each designer of the game. You will be drawing to each experience by your magnetic attraction and ways of love and the flow of energy that is in balance with the system of nature. The Prime Source has created, including those sparks that have evolved into unique individuals reflecting perfection and knowing of the forces.

You see dear souls, if you practice the game and understand the rules of your design according to the DNA design program that you chose, you will not be out of balance and will achieve higher expressions of knowing and being one in the internal process of manifestation. Just remember, that all life wants to live and none is better than the other that does not respect others with consciousness, which is everything. Ignorance and failure of the principles create sickness and the soul spark gets booted from that cycle. Your reward in life is the interest you invest in by desire and motivation which is the creation and it all is precept by the system, this being we are all connected to at the core. If you want to know the Presence of all that is you must reach your inner bandwidth of receptive vibrations that are of love and magnetic harmony for all that is conscious, including animals which are conscious.

So get with this and start by loving and respecting all life and remove any form of killing from your mouth and hearts. Then you will have the recipe that is in your program by design and not religions of control to suppress life and others. For all are where they need to be and if you have to kill in your blood, your blood will mark you. Understand hell is in your minds and reality you choose to relate to, for you are all gods. Wake up dreamers of your hell, the light is going to stop your dreaming in hate.


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