And here we go again reconfiguring, rebooting and identifying the souls that are to awaken and those you see as the dynamic or a threat. So I’ve spoken of before, there is a battle to occur as there is chaos for the change like the quivering of a birth in our states of consciousness. There are fluid energy waves in the Galaxy, you’re no different than light or anything in the universe. How could it be that you could not exist?

The brain cells of the great shores of the mind are solving their curiosity in the fragmented cells upon the planets in the galaxy. Now becomes the dross refining and smelting of yourselves. You are to be poured into metal and pounded. You’re going into transmutation as you break away from the collective and fragmented sickened toxic cancers of the crazy ancients that still have not passed the test from Atlantis. Many will cry ‘why do you keep me bound again?’.

They will deceive you and tell you that those coming are of the devil and are destructive. They’re already setting your minds with poison and they will also inform you that they told you. The recent movies of Aliens returning to the planet are more accurate than you would know. Why do you think that the media controlled by the elite is disclosing all this information through movies?

One will look at the contacts with the eyes of the viewer that has awakened and will remember, but you should view your own issues that have been lost and you must find yourself. Some of you have formed clusters because you cannot do this on your own for you have been to trapped into collective consciousness and are too afraid to be alone in the world except your own mind.

And with any voices of your wisdom and knowing they’ll program you to say these are demonic, devils and not Jesus or Allah. How can I tell you that you battle against the wicked, the turmoil and recalibration, and judgment is coming again? All of your religious books have information beyond your comprehension but you do not know how to read them. They’re turned into fairy tales.

You must stop believing in everything as it’s all propaganda. Kindly say to your gods that you fight your battles and you’re finding yourself in your inner being, you’re through letting them be the ticks, the viruses, and the host for you. But once again, in the movies they told you with the Matrix that you are the batteries. When the time comes if you state that you did not know nor did the controllers tell you, they will say caveat emptor.

This I can tell you, that if you’re ready to walk out the door and jump ship to the solution and find yourself again, you will have Pirates coming out of everywhere grabbing you to throw you back in the Brig of reality. They will come wearing many labels because with the lower the vibration you’re too easily controlled. You’re not what you think you are Do you not want to have the Tree of Life opened up?

Because then you would become your own God.


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