You live in a world blinded and controlled by secret orders that have set limits on you from the moment you were incarnated by the study of the ancient hidden knowledges of the ancients, backed by evil. They are wicked and intend to dominate and control for the sickest and twisted entities that are near your realms, fallen by the sickness that corrupted their minds and hearts.

And to you that are unaware and hoodwinked, you’re controlled and manipulated by the fallen ones that were cast out of the Orion Order Empire and not allowed to return until such times of incarnations they will have processed the experiences necessary to heal in the 26,000 year cycles. Think not of these entities as devils or Satan for they were once great evolved beings.

They had gotten contaminated by very nasty fungi that mutated, even these ones of the ancients. This made them sick to the rational and loving universal law and mandates of the code of ethics. Your concours of this realm are of the lower Earth bound. These are violent and twisted entities that have become a plague to this correction centre and still continue to work against what could be the solution for reprogramming the souls doing time here.

Some of these beings suck your life force because the toxic fungi are wanting to survive and express through their expression in their domain. These are those that feed off the fears and screaming of the souls that must experience this by releasing energy of emotions which these pathogens feed off.

Unless you call in the violet force field and raise your knowing beyond religion, with the minds of the most advanced knowledges of science not religion, will you begin the process of deprograming. Take into your realm the highest of pure food for your minds and health. Study the hidden sciences and open up the eye you once had that pierces the veil of the Matrix realm, freeing you from this dictatorship of corrupted agendas.

These are the bringers of war and oppression, lacking love and evolution.


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