Dear ones, you cannot be a successful warrior in this world without being sharpened with weapons which are much more mightier than the sword. A successful warrior with a sharp mind in the sword of law is invincible like a politician and above the law. For a successful lawyer has the cloaking device which is the magic of law. Sheep are much more manageable than rational beings with minds of their own. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, he makes me lie beside Green Pastures feeding on the illusions of the world and the leaders so that the real Lords of the world can dominate this world. For the meek shall inherit the heaven and the entrepreneur business men shall control the masses with their armies of priests and religion, in submission on their knees to their propaganda of fear, judgment, the Devil and Heaven.

This is why you’re not to know of the hidden sciences, and the breeders of religion are the profits for the corporations. So clever are they. They even know what will happen, and make it so in format for further delusion. Leave the herd, transform from a sheep into a transcendental human life form of spirit and consciousness. For the Earth is a box that is the coffin of your soul trapped in the matrix by religion and dominance of money and banking institutions. I take pity upon your world, it is so corrupt by mobsters that control your very mind and soul connection, how ingenious to be sure. But don’t worry, your saviours will save you from yourself and will be perfect pawns of creation set by those of the Illuminati and the secret orders that have been running this world since Rome conquered it. With the knowledge and agendas beyond your imagination they have controlled everything.

It is fortunate now that you have the opportunity to have both deception, information and everything set at the table. So if you are a miner you can find the gold and become valuable to yourself and awaken again while the others are being mass propagandised and perfect modules for the creation of what they wish to happen by the use of your very life force minds in unison under their control. Learn to look back at the Earth, for the changes of nature are the witches of the truth. Take to the heavens and see the spacecraft that are coming for these are the Chariots of the gods, the great ships of the return of the Ancients of Days. But those connected to Earth know the fundamental courses of love to the fellow man, they’re the ones that are ready for the next Quantum of existence. Meanwhile, those that are remaining ignorant without cause of the responsibility of their own souls will not be led to the bridegroom.

And they even tell you this, but you may call the name of Jesus but you’re not welcome for he does not know you, nor your kind. Clever are they toward the deception, even amongst your religious. So read all these books with a clever mind and you will see what they’re propagating is what will be in the future, for they had created it. Read the scriptures for information and trickery and you will find that it is all a very scientific based now that you’re currently under technology to understand without putting it into religious context, but by scientific Evolution and previous worlds and Emperors and rulers that are not of this world. You must become the gods within yourself and find your power and not become part of the flock. Or you will be fleeced and destroyed like sheep in a factory farm for the food of the gods that rule your planet and have sucked your very life force in their delusion.

You can’t be forgiven, you can’t be healed until you learn to grow up and become dynamic. Otherwise you’ll always be dependent upon the props of others and their control over you. They will see the changes on the planet and the contact with extraterrestrials and they will call it God’s punishment, they will call it the punishment of sins. Without them looking that it is a graduation and the gods are returning to release the souls that have been imprisoned in the cycles of this planet prison cycle. Tough indeed, for souls cannot be destroyed. The sickness that has entered the dimensions has to be quarantined and healed by precipitation of consciousness through a long process of experience. Only the specimens that have developed resistance to the mold into the nature of spirit beyond this entrapment will be allowed to be quarantined and cleansed and taken back to the rightful inheritance in the mini mansion worlds of the universe.

The real invader as I mentioned before, is this invasive slime mold intelligence that has taken and corrupted the rationality of many life-forms including Enki. They have told you this, think of him as the force of Darkness similar to the Star Wars Warriors Jedi. Very simple use the force, but there are principles of light, love, destruction and insanity, the duality of potential. You can choose either or neither. Therefore you’re not part of this endless cycle of games of good and evil but in the peaceful experience of the universe potential and its creation. We hope to bring many of the souls that have become great warriors to fight for what they are at the risk of leaving. I have much to share to those worthy of understanding the real props behind the scene in the movies you’re experiencing which you call life.

For when you look behind the curtains you get a greater perspective of the illusion, no different than the Wizard of Oz . This was another movie that programmed your mind. Your books of religion have hidden meanings of truth and hidden meanings of manipulation. Only those with a sharp mind can understand the symbols and the manipulation but you must be trained in the hidden sciences they term that is from the Devil. What greater way to keep you from eating the tree of knowledge and activating your Consciousness and knowing who the gods are, and having the ability to know right from wrong so that your being is no longer naked and exposed to manipulation. I’m forever impressed how something that was written over 2,300 years ago could still impact your world to literally create that which it has spoken in its storybook, and you’re all the actors on the page of their imagination.

You can break out of this if you take your Collective and start thinking in critical mass for change. You don’t have to worship the devil and you don’t have to worship Satan or Jesus and the gods that they have created for you. This is no different than your political two party system the ‘Republican’ party and the ‘Democratic’ Party. If you kneel to religions and governments then you make contracts with them but if you dissolve your contracts then you can pick up your own business again and become a sovereign being of this world and the universe. For you must mine the Gold within your very opportunity of Consciousness that you are. In order to be free you must become a wise Master, Warrior and Shaman to your own soul. But be careful, do not dare tread beyond the veil if you’re not ready with the information as a warrior, or you will go where the gods fear and where the Angels dare to go.

Your consciousness is your own captain. If you want to make it around the countenance of your being you must be prepared as a master who can sail the roughest of seas or you may become a casualty into the infinite oceans of uncharted waters. This is not for the new but for those that are ready. This is the Ascension process, for the harvest is not ready for everyone but only the fruit that is ready to be eaten.


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