What is a warrior? A warrior is prepared for battle and has been trained to know his enemy. And weapons a warrior does carry, but the most important weapon is of wisdom and perception. The warrior already holds in his hand an extension of the reflex of his intuition and he talks and looks at the hidden ambusher, or just stands in the distance camouflaged.

When the warrior feels things, he does not fear then says, ‘this is my sense, it is kicking into something that could pose a threat’. Dear souls, when you fear something should you not follow suit as a warrior? When you have fears that come up with social contacts you should look at them with no fear, and you should ask yourself ‘what it is you telling you?’.

You should feel it so that you may know your enemy because it is your fear that catches you off-guard to yourself and this is how you’re manipulated and controlled. If you’re to be the warrior to bring the soul into your mind and body it will not be an easy task, you have to find the trail and use your instincts to find your soul again and track it.

Along the way there are many obstacles. The monsters that you see are really rejections that you have coded deep within yourself. You will see them because they footprint upon your life when you’re at the most important transition. These predatory creatures make you deadlocked in your ability to perform.

The teachers that aid you in your quest as a warrior instruct you not of these skills, and so you should feel emotions rising. Feel and ask where they come from and address them because they’re always going to be predatory upon every move of your life. You must either let them go never to return, or you may feast on them in a meal of experience saying to yourself ‘thank you for tracking me, you’re showing me my limits’.

Until you want to be a warrior of the soul you must find peace within yourself or you will be in a state of crisis when you want to make changes that are dynamic that give you access to your power. In this jungle your greatest enemy is yourself and your own fears. You must conquer them, for until you do you will never be a warrior of your soul. And a peaceful one at that.

For in the concurring of the Matrix you fight all the positions of the held realities until you form the opening of critical mass that can begin the change. For laziness to action is as the wine before the battle, and it will weaken the soldiers’ mind and all their powers will be compromised. Take the wind from their minds so that the air is not pure and they will not have the ability to think clearly.

Poison their food and water and they will become as docile sheep to rational thinking. So look at the betrayers that sneak to the armies and sell the adversaries the plan for a price so enterprises can take down an army. Never be a traitor to your soul for if you do you will have followed suit. Be vigilant in the battles for you are soldiers of light and you must trust your training for you will awaken in a strange land and forget whence you came.

The battles are of the forces upon the world and for the dictatorship of real estate. Messengers of depiction will always promise the answer of the indicated to something beyond that does not match your heart, and has now become the forces of belief and religion, not the mind and soul that dwells in the body. For love is the soul presence of itself in the union of the Universe.

No “group” shall be the answer that does not train the soul to be warrior and face its own battles. So if someone offers you a simple fix, then it shall be as berries that sicken you to let the spirits of the lower realm feast on your energies. You must fight your own battles that are within and leave the controllers to fight for their duality amongst themselves.


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