Do you have any idea what communication means? Do you find that you cannot communicate with people when something deep inside of you wants to reach out? Yet you talk but they don’t hear you, they judge you and they have opinions of you. Do you ever feel rejected and somehow you don’t fit in? The word here is feel. The teaching of today is to teach you about this word feeling. Understand the fundamental things about animals, they feel who you are and they sense your presence. The same with people to some extent.

So rather than continue to tell them, work on how you’re feeling and you will find your communication will work much better. Do not bother to continue to placate the people in your conversations until you feel a sense of worth from them. If you do not then that’s a sign to stay away, you’re not welcome. How many of you go about wondering why they don’t like what you are and you start to doubt yourself. Well, that’s because you’re not in touch with what you’re in touch with already. Let’s keep in mind, you must love yourself and you must have a good vibration about yourself.

This is encompassing the chemistry of your body which includes your endorphin levels, your radiant food source, and of course if you’re eating a lot of junk food, sugars, and commercial factory garbage and the eating of animals that create death vibrations in your frequency that most people resonate with. So behind all of this, work on the modulations of who you are and what you’re being. You can wear makeup and the sexy clothes, but unless people are resonating at your frequency they don’t find you genuine and they’re not interested.

Dear souls, I wish to point to your attention; if you really want to connect with people start connecting with the vibration of your love and what’s coming from your chakras, because it’s not what’s in your head and what you think you know with your titles and all of your props, it really is your heart and what you’re radiating. You see, your body gives out a certain smell through the chemical reactions or ‘pheromones’ in your body. Animals of course haven’t lost that and they smell it, so work on cleansing your body if you really want to be liked. Know the power of a smile and eye contact and the power of the tones of your voice.

Learn to oscillate your voice like a musical melody and you may begin to find that people want to hear the melody of your play much more than what you’re talking about. And your intention, what about your intention? Don’t you think that other people want to explore your intention because you’re in their space, did that ever occur to you? Let’s face facts, you’re all social creatures are you not? So the contempt of societies is really the projection of yourself. You are responsible for the people around you and for your state of being. Everything that comes through your mouth through the food you eat is what is flung out by your tongue.

It is the process of your soul respiration and is expressed in the body. This is the real art of communication. If you try to find yourself in others you’re only going to see what it is you’re not finding yourself. One must first learn to communicate with their self to review their own logic and their own sense of peace and being and what is important. If you don’t start there, then your life is meaningless. Learn to be in the comfort of your soul and to be loving of your presence. This will save a lot of rejection, because if you reject yourself people are a part of the mirror.

It is better to meditate in the presence of the energy of the Universe than to medicate to further isolate you that it is in pain from being separated?


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