When you sleep, it’s not just putting your body in the bed. It is letting the body relax and to let go of the world. The problem humans have on this Earth is that they’re still trapped in the matrix. They’re carried to the spirit realm (so they think) but actually they make a duplicate of the world and shut down the passage to the interdimensional aspects of their soul that they had wisdom united with at one time. So we encourage you to do this. Don’t try to stop from thinking because your mind will always win.

Where there is love flowing in the heart the mind must surrender to the power of the juices of the heart and the flame united directly to your soul and the consciousness that is everything and all about you. It is the things you think, it isn’t how you’re going to do this action or that action. It is only through the action of love that you connect with the source that you’re all a part of. So my fellow journeyers that have fallen asleep on this Earth doing your time in skin suits, I must tell you this.

If you just focus on the joy in your heart and create love and what it feels to be happy, you create a release of endorphins in your brain which relieve you by the creation of melatonin in the secretions of the mind. This comes to the mind and allows the heart to open up a dialect connection to source and that’s where you’re welcome to travel, it is all that simple. Know when you’re incorporating visions with your brain and to surround yourself with imaginary colours of purple (especially), blue, pink, rose or what other colour you feel that you need. You already know, because those are the frequencies you need to heal in your chakras.

Going to the realm of the soul time is a different quanta. When you go to the soul you may be there in Earth measurement 5 minutes, but it could be equal to the days of knowledge and experience. Understand, the only thing that carries on the information that you’ve learned is through your heart. The rest is an outdated computer and a shell, only information that you’ve gained to the heart qualifies the meaning of all your life.

On your world you may measure yourself with all the things that you’ve accomplished in material and you never own it. It is only a burden of your soul and you are in prison. Souls that live day by day and in the moment are the ones that have love for each day. They invest whatever material they have into making someone around them happy and that’s where they gain their wealth because that’s what the soul harvest is. Only the wise know the secret, the harvest of what has brought purpose to the life of the experience in the skin suit.

Listen to these words of wisdom because this is the magnificent feeling of love for all things and peace. Therefore, you will reflect only that and that will be all you hold. It is in the very thing you fear you manifest like a knitting of a pixel on a computer screen. Everything you create is how you feel, you must understand that. It’s time to learn to focus on what feeling is dear souls. Do well and practice your feeling. It is not the absence of meditation, it is the actions of how you vibrate the feelings of love in your heart, for that quiets the mind and sits on a chemistry and balance of endorphins which put you in the state of bliss.

Learn this lesson dear souls, your life will be much easier and pleasant. One merely looks at a cat in the sun. They’re more conscious than most of you struggling in your school to try to find the meaning, for they are there connecting with the Earth and the Sun. Learn to do the same and be at peace. LOVE is the healer and love is the principle of creation, without that you have a battle because ignorance isn’t of knowing and in flow of the divine creator.


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