The mystery of who you are will never be lost, for you are the soul. It was only disconnection that broke you from source that is everything, for the spirit is connected to all that is. The soul spark takes upon a body in the dressing of a skin suit so that it can gain experiences. However, what is not welcome is when it begins to encode patterns of ideas and identities that fragments it to its own connection, and it forgets how to return back to its soul cord. This is why you have people being disenchanted, disconnected and reacting to things that are not in present time because they have been hurt with anger, rejection, drugs, alcohol, or whatever substances that make the soul become lost.

So many people are disconnected lost souls, walking skin suits that are overreacting from a computer of flesh with hurts and pains, immediately taking offence to whatever you say which may trigger memories that have nothing to do with the person of present time. Until the soul is retrieved by a master that is a shaman that can teach them how to love and reintegrate, they’re dispersed entities looking for some sort of relief from the pain but really the pain they’re suffering is not being connected to their feelings. They don’t fire themselves at the core their feelings and if anybody lights up a memory of the past they will react, and that reaction has nothing whatsoever to do with the moment, it’s their own pains.

When you run into people like this know of them. Do not continue to be in their presence because they’re contagious of distortion, anger, and other reactionary things that are so hurtful to the soul in the being. Walk carefully, know of these people. Know that they are very lost, many holding relations that are very reactionary. They have this belief that somebody else is going to take them back home with all the iconic propaganda and belief systems. They become united en masse to do hurtful things to other people that one would not do with a connection to nature and love. These are the type of people that harm animals and do not respect other parts of nature, they don’t understand the uniqueness of the one that’s all that is.

There are people that can tell you scientific things and rattle off names who are so disconnected to the Earth. These are the byproduct of the race of man on the planet with total disrespect for nature and his fellow man, all controlled and manipulated by corporations. As soon as they see you differently, they’ll be like a pack of wolves to try to keep you there because they see something in you that’s threatening them. You’re not part of their illusionary comfort zone so and they will try to help you stay asleep in The Matrix. Learn the wisdom of the travellers of the soul, the scouts at night that come out to reach you with the howling of the Moon.

They call you in the darkness to awaken you into the stars of the night and they will lead you home. They will teach you, so that in your dream states you can be awake and again remember how the human can only deal with the rational mind, so you must go deeper. I caution you on your journey. The world is changing and many people are choosing to be reunited with their spirit guide and nature. Those of you that have transformed are in a state of flux. A wise warrior knows the way of the lost souls upon the planet that had taken his ancestors’ land and home because they trusted.

The poison of the collective of mind has not changed so be aware to keep yourself more secretive. When you see reactionary people that hurt and disturb you immediately with overreacting, take this as a sign to bid them adieu and leave because there is negative energy upon your path. You’re going to have to take your psychic sword and slice their tentacles and cords because they will come after you. Those trapped in the matrix without love or compassion towards nature or any humans, they are truly deceived and lost.


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