Wherever there is a break in the connection of the Oneness of love then there is an orb of isolation. If the orb of isolation doesn’t resonate at the same frequency it is in disharmony, it is not at ease with itself for this is distant to the principle of one. This is dis ease, because when you’re in the flow of love from your heart you’re inspired and things happen with ease. When you release the pain you’re really asking love to flow into the heart and that painful moment you have never fully released from.

All mental or physical disorder comes from a lack of harmony and a lack of love. In the principles of Yin and Yang, the positive and the negative dance the flow of energy that’s a spiral always moving. There are principles of creation and principles of destruction. The principles of destruction are recycling. They are not bad or negative. So when you have a break of separateness there is a withdrawal of energy looking for validation, and because it’s not connected it feels isolated and must prove to the world that it is something when it just really just pain wanting to be loved and healed.

Much of your clinical psychology is disrupted because the person is not being loved and their reactions of trying to integrate these painful emotions which were rejections become overwhelming and they’re not able to process it. When you break down the flow of emotion that lacks love there is no compassion or unity of principle that holds all things together and in harmony. This is even the vibration of your food. If an animal has suffered there is consciousness in the eyes of that animal for that eye of the animal shows that it’s perceiving, and it’s perceiving because it is a spark of the oneness.

Just as you feel pain, animals feel pain. There’s no distinction. For every principle of life form wants to survive or it wouldn’t, so in this process of existence if you harm others all the memories are in the DNA. So rejecting nature by not having compassion and respect has great effects which causes you suffering, illusion and misaligned brain function as well as a lack of consciousness. In short, lack of consciousness is lack of caring, lack of respect for yourself and other life forms. The greatest change you can make in your self is to incorporate love in all that you do and be in the moment.


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