And he did awaken in the dark of the night while everyone was sleeping in the reality. He awoke in the Matrix when the minds were not keeping it going, so in his sector he could see from a perspective that was free from the collective minds that held the reality that they thought was real. And he did escape into a world that was quiet without the rational opinions of others and their blight conceptions. When he woke into the night he was connected with himself in his physical form with great things to the current of his mind. When the collective that brainwashes held him asleep, with another realm of the spirit he came to be with great power.

And so it is to be acknowledged if you’re connected to your presence and in the proper format of reality, you’re quite different from the restless sheep on the planet. A quickening upon the Earth is happening, many minds will be awakened in the middle of the night when they’re free to listen to the real realities they’re about to see, and you’ll awaken and free yourself from the chains of perception. This may be your only way to connect with your body mind and listen to your soul speak a whole new reality from the heavens. So pay attention dear souls, we are the ancient family to quickening you. The information you’re receiving as you’re changing your frequency does not fit into this world, for it is not part of the propaganda.

The shackles of religion, governments, military and economic banking institutions have kept prisoner your minds and souls in the matrix. Take heed, and be very trusting with who you share your information with or they’re designed to make you forget who you are. When you have taken on the secret passages to the higher realms do not expect others to understand you because they’re trapped in the Matrix and you pose a threat to them. We are as those of the wild nature, who took to the Earth, to the Sun and the Stars releasing you one at a time. Careful not to awaken those around you from the sound of the horn or you’ll be recaptured, but you must trust us to help you. If you do not, then you will be in worse condition or awakened without a path.

Once you begin to awaken there’s no going back because you know what is of this world. There are many captive souls in the dream that have built their Matrix to keep you in. This is a prison world of many disruptive entities. Where we come from, we are sane and in harmony. Soon, as you begin to awaken they will be quick throwing out their responses. They will bring their gods and religious figures which are shackles. You must collect with those of your kind and be very careful because you pose a threat when you’re awake. For as more of you become like a creative collective mass it can affect the holographic perceptions that you have been brainwashed with to conform you to these lower realms.


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