In all that has to do with law and litigation the elements that work against you are fear and the unknown. So by knowing and understanding what it is you fear and what the constraints of the law is you have already resolved the issue. For the only thing that weighs heavy with litigation is the unknown anxiety of what could happen. When you strategise your moves you will make what could happen into the moves that you want with your intent. And this is what makes a good lawyer or a wise empowered person, not a weak manipulated casualty of governments in the legal system.

If you do not know the law know what you can do to prevent unnecessary turmoil by the slanting of Law and its regulations by the masters of Law. In order to have a fighting chance you need to understand the simplest of Law and think logically what is the issue and the resolution. If you focus with strategy then you will have control of your emotions on what you want to create because fear is really the action of the unknown in your mind. Where there is doubt there is concern about your foot in your foundation. If you don’t have a footing then you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Be careful because the legal system has masters that use it wrongly and will kick the chair out from under you and you’ll fall flat on your face with the injuries of your negligence. Be a warrior, understand how the game is played and put your feelings and emotions aside. Deal with the issues and the ways of resolutions first. Not the should and should haves. Until you can comprehend the world is full of people that don’t have conscience then you will be a victim of the legal system. Knowledge should replace doubt as well as facts and evidence. Don’t get caught into the emotions where you lose sight of this principle.

And don’t keep this perpetuating, you can get up and leave. It is only a game and you don’t have to play. Learn to take a vacation from it because your heart does not need to be filled with it. It is only the feeding your heart through anxiety, you create all of the pain and post traumatic syndrome that wears and burns you down. And keep aware that lawyers really are impersonal and they don’t care about winning the case or whether it’s right, wrong or conscionable. They’re only interested in tilting the scales. Focus on what it is you want, focus on information and stick with that.

If you master this you will always be victorious as long as you have integrity inside that you build with knowledge. Learn the rules of the game in litigation for you to see with knowledge that is focused to the issue and the resolution in the constraints of codified law.


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