And the question of what you look for to gain knowledge, to gain companionship? What is it really that you’re seeking? After one wrestles with the world they find themselves. This is because they begin to become older and withdraw from the world. They take dear to them their animals and they take them there, in walks of nature.

They’re untouched from the importance and the world sees his own. When they begin to find animals in nature that are wild they begin to see something as they experience it in themselves. They begin to see that they had lost their connection to nature, a bountiful source of pleasure and beauty.

And as the mind quiets, the soul begins to percolate through the heart and there is a reconnection. One must ask, why don’t you go to nature first? That is your home, that is where your spirit lies and you begin to realise that you were tricked by the mind into momentarily thinking you were separate.

And now, some have become ready to leave their bodies with very little harvest and enjoyment, but ill health. If one really seeks the path of knowledge in peace, begin with the process of quieting and connecting to nature. Purify your food of the pain and the suffering of animals and all of the fat, grease and sludge they feed you as food.

If you would just lighten the weight of toxicity in your body of the commercial factory foods set to control you and make you endlessly hungry your health will increase. If one were to apply these actions to life then they would find a wildness within themselves that all the animals knew. They would have a union again to nature.

Take a moment to discover the wildness of nature, and you will find that it was the mind that was wild and detached from reality.


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