The world is filled with much ignorance among its inhabitants. Know this, that ignorance, poor habits, and hurt and pain breeds more of the same. Take this lesson strongly and take it wisely. When you run into people that have overflow of issues and baggage of pain and suffering and the perpetual karmic debts that are not being cleared, you’re bound to get a reaction that is quite insane. If you want to keep yourself open and clear and be a loving channel to your flowing heart this can be quite shocking when you run into the land mines and they will make you feel bad by your emotions to try to want to win them over. That is a waste of time and it reconnects you to them.

As you begin to enlighten yourself don’t try to teach with words, teach with the radiation of your heart and your wisdom. Stay away when they give you signals and reactions that are negative to your personal growth. For centuries your world has been programmed and there are very clever psychotic people running your world with agendas that would treat you like an animal for slaughter. They don’t care, you’re nothing more than a human resource to them. So if you want to get out of this mess find your path in yourself and try to avoid needing others to make things happen. Find the company of those people that are healthy and resonate at your frequency and reality.

Understand dear souls, you have to let go of your pains, you have to let go of your rejections and you have to let go of your resentments because they only keep you stuck. You can never get away from it and until you do decide to unload it and put it aside and live your life by your path of self-knowledge, anything else keeps you stuck in perpetual wanting to make things right. You’re not going to make them right with the ignorant, they’re perpetual breeders of their own hell. They are sadistic and they want you to be the sounding boards. Talk to your inner self, talk to a good friend but beware nobody wants to hear negativity. You’re better going to the ocean and screaming out your anger to the waves and let them be drawn and vent.

Don’t do it to people, it’s not wise and they will not want to be around you. Keep the company of healthy people in your network. If you try to work with everybody liking you then there is something wrong with you! Graciously live your life with yourself being balanced to your health and study. Learn to tell your self when you’re running pain with others so it will let you know. Many souls are in competition with anyone around them that proposes a threat. You’re lighting up their pile and problems and they will highly react to you. As you know there’s two things you do not want to waste your time talking about, for they’re both illusionary. That is religion and politics because it’s all subverses and subjective based on programming to keep you stuck on meaningless issues and they are controlling you to react.

So next time you get into one of these confrontations talk with your feet and walk away. This shows your power and your clarity, for fools will always be fools. If they would be something different they would have already changed. In the reality, you’re living in a world where you have to cut through the jungle of ignorance to find your way.




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