For the path of truth is self mastery. Any teaching that does not discipline and quicken the soul to the body mind is deceptive and subversive to your prime directive of your very destiny in the cosmos, no other measure of cause and thought need be applied to this determination. Quicken yourself with a clear mind and a clear body. This has always been the real teachings of the Ancients of Days. Mens sana in corpore sano, sound body, sound mind. What on Earth has taken away your destiny and expansion?

Your civilisations have tumbled to the lowest score in history and will in effect destroy itself as a collective imprint upon your world, for you have not mastered the purpose of life and many are as bacterium upon the food of the planet. They consume, take and offer nothing to the universe nor even self-growth. You pride yourselves in the “naming” of nature and call it science and scientific theories, yet you do not even know of its oneness and divine principles you are all part of.

You are being taught ignorance in your Universities and parrot the bits and pieces that your ‘Govern Mentals’ placate you with, and yet you have not a single path of your hearts and inner mind compass. This is a real tragedy and strategy of the controlling bankers, elite, armies and Illuminati sections of the world keepers that have highjacked your very minds and souls for their own pleasure and dominance. This has happened but only for a while. We have our ships in your solar system and on the Dark Side of the moon and the whole local galaxy of 89 members have convened to deal with this unfortunate state of affairs.

There will be a new world order but it will not be with these rough and self-pious entities of the fallen sickened one’s, they will be quarantined. For today the lesson it this, you have to quiet your mind and use your imagination by taking a place in the morning sun, closing your eyes and letting your imagination focus on you seeing visions and scenes that will show you interdimensional forms and dreams. Once you train the viewing you will link to the real inner net of your being and as you do you will open yourself to the messages that the Universe and the higher Masters wish to teach you one step at a time.

A word of caution, you must know yourself and seek the counsel of your self spark, for in doing so only you will know. Be careful, the deceivers will tell you not to do this, for this will “open you up to the dark forces and leave you to the spirits of Satan”. Concern yourself not with either of their ideological gods, the Saviours and the Devils. This is how they control you, no different than doctors that ‘practice medicine’ prescribing the very poisons that will kill you, and not even know what it is that they do. In your journeys you will meet many that have been programmed to tell you the truth and that self-mastery is ‘ego’ based and “not god’s way”.

Waste not your time nor be fooled, there is very little time for you to get yourself to a place of self-knowing. Keep in mind the world is changing and the Church and the Governments already know what is before mankind, for they robbed this information from the City of Alexandra and other civilisations that were great and in touch with real nature. Their spirit walks the universe and the star seed visitors are here and have always been here, note that this is to be a time of great cleansing.

The products of the souls that have stayed steadfast during their 26,000-year term will be upgraded and reconnected to their real self and history, while the lower foolish ones will have to start again in kindergarten for a whole new cycle to once again learn to get it. To say in one word LOVE (living openly in the heart, evolving). I will be making this my point to teach those that are ready to return to reason once again. For the others that stay in shackles of stories, they cannot even comprehend history and these teachings are not for them.

Your Q-tips for today “Dare to open up your ears and hear more than you speak.”


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