The more you think about your problems with uncertainty and despair, you create confusion on the mind and this cuts off the healthy channel to your heart. Worry creates FEAR and if the dark clouds of uncertainty and distress are heavy on your hearts when you think about situations you have no control over, you need to centre yourself and prioritise your thinking with enthusiasm. Overthinking can make you feel lost with the sensation that everything is going in slow motion and that nothing is happening.

Then comes the feeling of being powerless to act and the more you think about it the worst it gets. You produce a sense of feeling separate from others which then puts you on the downward spiral to isolation and loneliness. To reconnect you must bring yourself back to the present moment, the NOW, and connect with the LIGHT within your soul. Worrying is seeing your future with imagined dread so distract the mind and be creative or take a long walk in the healing serenity of nature. 


To solve your problems, you need to be prepared and take action followed by resourcing the correct channels for growth. If you are faced with a situation that frightens you seek support from your family and friends and develop a strategy to overcome your dilemmas. Everyone has stress in their lives because this is how you grow and evolve and your soul has asked for the wisdom of the experience. When faced with a negative life lesson ask yourself “what is this teaching me?”.

Remember, every situation in your life is there to aid you in your spiritual evolution. It is your reaction to your life’s lessons which makes all the difference to your growth, so give LOVE and be dynamic and actively solve your problems with a passionate heart. Above all, you must make the very best of every circumstance that life has to offer, good or bad. Act with honour and integrity and be prepared to focus when faced with your difficulties.

The law of attraction will always match your experiences by your sustained thoughts and feelings via the signal you are vibrating. Just remember, if you are signalling your chaotic thoughts to the Universe you will attract chaotic circumstances. It is the LAW. So many of hue have desires but are not manifesting. You have that ‘uncomfortable feeling’ of wanting, needing, yearning etc. and don’t fully channel the fresh feeling of expectancy which is true feeling of desire. Pure desire is fire, rich in LOVE and joy and raises your vibration!

Worrying will never change the outcome, only your action with focus.

Anna NaRaca RA 

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