You have arrived to where you are by your choices, think about it. You decide the company you keep and you decide what you want to do with the time you have every day. If you want to study and learn something, you select that too. So never think you are where you are by coincidence, because you’re not. How can I say this any clearer? If you stay around negative people, their attitudes and vibrations surround you and you become of the same frequency.

Learn that wisdom and knowledge is the most valuable possession that is permanently around you for it becomes your essence that is eternal. Avoid toxic people and toxic situations. You can tell the lower conscious people by their eating habits and vices including the toxic substances that they may be addicted to. If you see people eating junk food and death, understand that their minds are going to be toxic as well.

Do understand, you do not have to be around toxic people that you do not feel at peace with, that is your selection and choice. Learn to hold yourself back from the crowds of people that are of negative agendas and mindsets. Emptiness and entropy is their offering to you and everyone else. This can only mean one thing, they will bring you down. Let the ignorant be among themselves for they all deserve each other.

If you want to raise your consciousness you must unload the toxic people around you. Seek the path of inner knowing and be friends to the peacefulness of your mind and soul in nature, and not in the perpetual endless never-changing static levels of the ignorance of the common man. When you cut the cords to the world you can be free to fly in your spirit. Make that knowing the way of power and self-mastery, you cannot be both.


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