The mind is forever busy and it is only the sound of music or the sound of the universal presence from all of the planets and nature that can attenuate the soul back home from The Matrix. The busiest of mind is always patterning many actions. Noise upon noise, worry upon worry, and never silent. There lies with most people constant memories of crises, rejections and experiences that hurt, never to have been resolved and also foreign to the soul that must be inside the body. The more man becomes modern, the more he pulls from the wildness of nature and further away from his soul.

What makes matters worse is the very corporations that run your planet have studied psychological methods to brainwash each and every one of you into collective subservience. You have become prisoners of an insane agenda. Never having a moment for nature nor finding who you are, only the constant run and noise in your mind everywhere you go. But now people are so distant from their souls they must have their computers and smartphones for stimulants to hide the pain of disparity to the lack of connection to who and what they are.

And even the mind now is becoming synced with vibrational wavelengths, oscillating patterns all designed to control you even more. The agenda is to imprison your souls, that you’re bound further to the mind into the pleasures of artificial intelligence. After they have ruined your pineal gland and who you are as a being and cosmic child, you are now an impatient soul with hunger for meaning and hunger for stimulation. You can’t even walk in nature for it is all noise. For those that want to walk along the path of enlightenment and find their way home you must start with shutting down your habit of overeating, especially with regards to commercial food.

You must stop your idle chatter of nothing and pull back into your soul and listen once again to Nature. This is why you’re so estranged and dead and life has no meaning. You have no more conscious dreams and awareness of the universe and you’ve lost connection to animals and nature. Restore that, where you can be in nature and walk along the coast and hear the waves and see the animals that are not enslaved but wild. It is here you will remember just how far you have been in a prison of this hell in modern day society. You must now begin to return and find your roots back to nature if you want to have any hope of enlightenment.

The process begins with unplugging. Learn the power of replacement in the mind with wonderful celestial music. Replacing the noise with patterned beautiful music will help free your creative flow again. Never forget the power of music for it is a powerful hypnotic tool, and this is why your music on your radios is so influential in keeping you stuck. It does not bring calmness to the soul, it does the opposite and it programs you more into the rabbit hole you’re being pulled to. Try to listen to Nature and you will understand this teaching and how enslaved you are.


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