A child learns to walk and in the process it stumbles and falls down so it does not judge itself, it is determined to pick itself up. However, as humans get older they tend to judge themselves when they have fallen. They tend to get into the dramas of guilt and shame and make themselves comfortable on the ground to play again after they have fallen. They even find others to crawl on the ground with and stay stuck. They take medications and therapy so they can pretend that they can stand up again, and yet they lack one thing different than when they were younger.

They have lost touch with their souls and their drive to know who and what they’re responsible for, who they’re with, and the drive of the new soul that they came in with. So in this long process, this is why so many are stuck with guilts and shames. All one needs to do is leave the situation and stand up and walk again on their path. Don’t make it a mindset to shame yourself for the things you’ve done when you have fallen but stay steady on your path, because you are moving and always in transition. Guilt has a funny way of keeping you stuck. Guilt serves no function.

You need to solve this wrestling of your mind and opinion about yourself because you’re not knowing yourself. You spend all of this time in your life compensating to be somebody and forgetting your path, you’re still crawling. You’re crawling on your knees and you’re praying to your gods and asking to be pet like a dog and to be noticed and appreciated while still on your knees. Unfortunately this has become the plague of mankind. There is no substitute but to stand up, pull yourself together and walk your path because your path is a path of the soul and it is not of this Earth.

You’re here from the stars and you’re here to learn, to read and pattern yourself from the lessons and the deficits you’ve had previously. You see dear souls, your life is played by your soul and the wardens that watch your term here on this biological prison world. You’re meant to grow and to get lessons, not to stay stuck on the ground and tumbled but to walk on your path to get to the other side and to know yourself in the process. This is what life is about. Have your friends and have your company but remember your connection to the soul can and will be your only measurable sense of being that completes you.

Pick yourself up when you fall and continue, and you will find that soon you will be able to run with the joys guided by your soul.


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