In the genders of your world neither has come to perfection. You are still battling without understanding who you are in your forms of gender. Men want to be tough and strong and they’re so weak. They don’t have flexibility and softness inside that they become brittle and snap. The nurturing of a woman can captivate a man. A man will surrender to her and protect her, yet she feels that this is a tool to be seductive and is wicked many times with her sexuality that it turns into a game, instead of a mutual creation of fire and love. The beauty of a woman then becomes a tool of seductive manipulation.

Men don’t even know how to be men or how to become full of wisdom, or to be soft in nature and listen to the animals. They become disconnected and conquerors of their own imaginations of what it is to be a man, and yet they’re not. Shallow and empty where nothing else is developed except the coin, because that’s all what men want so they think. A woman needs to be loved and a woman needs to know that she’s beautiful. When she finds her mate she needs to be serious about her mate and the man needs to be serious about her. This is done in a mutual respect and there is mental melting in union.

You have to trust and become one with your partner until the hearts are in the mind and the souls infuse into one delightful expression, or there is no chance of finding love. So give your love to the one you love but make sure you find the right one. For love is an expression of the consciousness of two minds and bodies reflecting to each other as one. For in the act of love a child can be born and created, and this is the union of the opposites forming the polarity of one. Never never think that the new corrupted opinions that work against nature are true, for they are not.

One just needs to study science and look deeper instead of listening to the politically correct agendas that are there to make you mixed up in your mind, and feeling more clouded than you have ever been in this new agenda. It will be very destructive to societies upon the world, don’t accept it.


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