There comes a time when the soul calls the personality in the body and mind for quickening and the soul takes the personality to the dark night. Although the props and all of the holding patterns suddenly become crises, everything that we’ve used, stuffed, held and cling on to now becomes evident. These are holding patterns that keeps us locked and loaded into our illusion and dungeon based on fear, rejection and idleness. None of which is the soul Spirit which is eternal and ever-growing.

So like a beacon in the night you’re called upon your ship to journey by yourself on an inward path of release and challenges. This is a time when you must awaken from your hibernation and venture out for changes in your life. Whether you want them or not your soul will make them happen to you. Understand that things happen in your life always for the better, for your life is a process that is never stationary. What may appear to be the worst thing that ever happened to you is really a way of releasing your attachments to things that keep you from making the change in metamorphoses that aligns you with your soul.

So when you’re on the right path and course the currents of the soul and nature will bring in the prevailing winds. Soon you will be harnessing your self and your rudder on a direction towards your soul and your life will become more effortless, manifesting the things that you never knew that you wanted but your soul did. But sometimes that is losing a job, losing a friend, or losing a relationship. But be mindful, the relationship that you have with your consciousness and your soul as one you shall never lose.

Like clouds in front of the Sun you may forget just how great you are, but after the tears of the rain the sun will shine and you will see and be dry of your sadness and sorrow. Learn the path of love, and understand that holding patterns keep you stuck. Learning to release and to understand things in the messages of knowledge and love, you will get a greater aspect of what life is about for yourself. For many trials and tests are the function of life and you’ve had many lives and many incarnations, all to refine you.

Go with the flow, and with the currents and they will lead you to the stillness of your soul.


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