When it’s time for changes in yourself the best way to make things happen is to turn around and to face what you feel. The mind is the processing of thoughts and reactions but it is your feelings that make you attached because that is your creative spark from your soul. That is why it’s ever so important to know your feelings that come from your soul, and not necessarily those of others that program you to believe what you must feel, for they are meaningless at the end of the day. You can have many thoughts and you can change many thoughts, but that which is in your core feeling is the gravity of your consciousness. The gravity of your consciousness is that which pulls the currents in your life and if you don’t pay attention you will be pulled in situations to wake you up and to make changes.

The spirit will contact you with signs if you are aware and you will also get many dreams to process, so never take your feelings as being weak for they’re your strength and your awareness. Feelings create fear and anxieties because they’re not kept in proper categories of purpose so they’re stored as unresolved issues, charges as it were. So by turning yourself around and going through your feelings you can see what it is you need to address in your life. The things you need to let go of, problems you need to solve, and more importantly it is your mind that knows when you’re out of balance in your body and in your surroundings or environment, but you must flow with yourself and keep things in balance.

Sometimes change means making a commitment to yourself and the hardest part is to move one foot forward. Take counsel in your feelings and feel them at the core and be in nature. If you need to cry within yourself, cry. If you need to be angry within yourself, be angry. You must combust these emotions so that you can come into resolution with yourself, because whatever pressure you have inside of you that is unresolved will boil over into the people and situations in your life, and it can cause chaos. Think of it like checking your pulse. Your feelings sometimes need to be listened to and this is what meditation is about. It is going within and rewriting and embracing these feelings and collecting them.

There are parts of you that you have forgotten and they need to be embraced with a radiant sense of being. This should be your meditation. You should find a way of turning around and turning yourself in. You’re not your body and you’re not your coins. You’re not all of the dramas that the world teaches. You’re an innocent loving being that is perceiving and responsible.So be responsible and listen to the call of your soul.


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