The brilliance of the being shines when one is polished and reflective. You abide in a temple, your human body. It is not who you are but rather who you reflect to be. Visions of the soul are only limited by the bandwidth you can resonate on. As a tuning fork vibrates it is set by its form the note it plays when struck, so are you by your inherent natures of a certain wavelength, sound and form. The sound of your voice is the product of your soul as expressed from the body form. To a sharp mind and perceiver, you can tell instantly the state of the soul you have bid company with, and how the soul is expressed from our own lips.

Words once emanated cannot be withdrawn so why not make every sound you make meaningful and of loving calibre knowing this? Life is precious and an opportunity of redemption from your previous failures, wins and experiences. The only reason for one to be not happy is ignorance of health issues from toxic foodstuffs into your body. Your body is a temple of the soul to see through. When the soul does not visit the body then there is a disconnect and loss of continuity. Continuity is the spark that brings light into your being. So, find your balance in your habits and nutrition with proper exercise, for your body is the temple of the soul.

And learn of the mind for it is only a resonator of your temperament. Feed the mind but keep it silent when the soul needs to speak to you, and your world will become much more perceptive and intuitive. Learn too of visions and let them talk to you as well as the animals around you. This happens when the mind can be silent, for the viewing of the paths of the soul are your spirits of much higher realms. The mind when opposite wrestles when it has no meaning. Then the voices of the rebellious and lower frequencies will visit you with enticements of their desires taking over your body and holding you captive.

So be quick to know that if you resonate love and compassion you shall abound in the connection with all life. If you are vile with death energy and a temple that is not kept, then the rats and vermin shall feast of your energies and you will bring to you much suffering and fear until you choose to take mind of your affairs. For this is the way and there is so much that abounds in your very space. The choice is yours. If you are negligent of the ways of nature and balance, and drink of the toxins and poison your body and mind, disease shall surely abound. It is really that simple.

Pay attention, or attention will make you pay the debts by aches, pain and a mind that rattles idleness and ignorance that can never be silent. For you create your own cages by your rages and ill temper for all follows suit to your magnetic resonance. Find the sounds and use them as your tools. Quiet your cravings by fasting on occasion, in doing so you can find your real resonance pattern. Eat of filth and keep your temple in disharmony and you will only enslave yourself to the dungeon of the lower realms close to your current frequencies. Your life is your responsibility and no one else’s.

You have two eyes and they are yours to look through, as you have two ears to hear. You have one mouth to speak and eat. Is this anyone else’s? Your religions that teach of saviours and gods and devils have robbed you of the shamans and the women of the nature and the real healers of the planet. They brought such evil and perpetual war and battle and man are not warriors of the wild, nor woman the wombs of the soul and providers of the home. Lost is the way of wisdom upon your planet. You must find the voices of your ancestors and reclaim your souls away from the churches that preach ignorance and things outside of your soul.

For all there is is the moment and your responses to the walking of life. Find the Sun not the ‘son’ of the mind of the church. For the Sun is the Horus Rising and the Seth is the principles of the moon and the night. Yes, principles of nature and the balance. Not the “Son” of man nor the Devil of darkness. Your history has been rewritten and real knowledge taken by the governments and the churches that have enslaved your souls. Find your path of the Masters of the light and the night in the wildness of nature. Free your minds from this hell on Earth. It does not have to be, for love is the key that is the whole of the Universe.


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