There are times and trials that can happen in your life. Some have legal repercussions, some have financial and some are in the separation of relationships, but it is all a game with rules and moves. The wise person will understand the rules of the game and the settings and use specific strategies to take advantage of a situation when it does not leave you in a good way. Mental fits and worry are useless, anger is useless. One has to do research and understand what it is they want in relationship to the law, and what you can achieve.

Never underestimate the power of knowledge. When you invest your time with knowledge to the soul, the higher knowledges will always put you at a greater power and flow to making your life happen without being controlled so much by others. Guard your passions and always take measure on how you share them with people, for if it is not returned in a good way it will entrap you. Be with those that have integrity and stay far away from those that do not.

Shut your doors tightly to those that are predatory and users, and sometimes it is important to give them a boot in the butt! Because these people manipulate you with your feelings and kindness, they know exactly how to work you and others. Do not be their host. There are very good people on this world and there are very low life people. Who you associate with will have definite influences on your financial and spiritual paths. The key word here is to learn discretion and get in touch with the wisdom of your soul.

When you make that union you shall be free from many problems the world may throw at you. Maintain your mind and union with your soul and find your sacred place and always educate yourself, and most important be grateful for all that the Universe provides for you and your growth. For in paying attention and to give gratitude to the universe will make the flow of good things much easier. Learn moderation and learn balance, and study the Ancients of the wise man.

Convince yourself to your soul and forsake the world, and in doing so you will have gained the treasures of your heart and the unity with the universe. Raising your vibration sometimes means letting go of a lot of heaviness and attachment so that you can become more buoyant to the calling of your soul. Ask your soul to teach you and to become your friend and you will have gained the world within, to the dimensions of the inner world and to the heavens of the soul.


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