There are times when the soul must face itself to the isolation of a body mind and there is a time of darkness, tragedy and endless misery of all the tests to see the nature and fight of the spirit. You rise as a Phoenix to your soul when you give up and say I will have no part of this. You take your soul and you fly out of your mind and out of the situation. You recreate what you want, who you are, and what you will be when you stop participating in your dramas.

Then the dramas and fears that other throw at you will release you because there’s no place for them to attach their cords into you. Resentments, judgment and anger towards others only serves to open up doorways and allow you to take the negative water into your ship and sink you lower and lower. But there’s a place when you can become transparent and focus on the soul mind and it will override everything that happens to you, from physical ailments to the misery of lawsuits and negative things in your life.

It can all be overwritten by going into the soul and having the supreme love shine with a new frequency in your being, and this is the art that you must learn in your darkest of darkest tragedies in your life. You get out of the point of investing your feelings into misery and fear and you say enough, you feel and pull yourself together and reach for the stars and find the radiance within. When you get to that point your life will change from the most horrible dramas into something new and this has happened to many people on the planet.

Once you’ve overcome you will grow gradually which gives you the strength that you’ve never had before, and the soul will realise its power again even in the flesh. You must unite with yourself and your heart and the sun and the stars, and find the great work within yourself. These shall be the fibres of the web that will pull you to the light and you shall embrace yourself and your strength.


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