Because of the anomalies of human nature and the conflict of your soul in a world that is a prison world, you have much work to do to refine your self. You have desires and other people have desires and there are multiple wavelengths of energies flowing that many times are in conflict. People come from a place of scarcity and are forced to believe that they will not have enough so they cause turbulence into their lives. Keep in mind that you are a by-product of your parents’ experiences and conditions in life. All of which imprint upon your body mind a given circumstance of criteria that you seem to call yourself, but it is not necessarily who you are and what you chose to address yourself with in this experience, and this is your homework.

Within the jar of your psyche is sediment that is your ancestry and oftentimes you get stirred around and cannot see clearly, you’re stumbling without your sense of grounding or destiny. Negative and violent projections of others when they’re disturbed can be very toxic, influential and damaging to you. These very real particles are thought-forms and you need to stay away from them. When you have been around them you need to learn to smudge yourself and throw them off because they will infect you like a disease. This is why so many people are shut down. They can’t be open because being open means you’re vulnerable. You have to become a warrior and to understand that the way that you approach things and find things with your reaction makes them more difficult than they really are.

Therefore, it is very important for you to be around healthy people. Take your meditative time so that you do not forget the doorway into the inner worlds of the spirit plane. If not the world will take you and bind you. Understand that the more distant you are from a vibration and frequency that is in harmony, the easier things will upset you. You have to take a look at people, and that’s all about having different degrees of awareness. When they blow out at you it is no different than somebody flinging excrement on you. It is still going to stink and be unpleasant no matter how enlightened you call yourself. So be aware, you don’t want to be around people flinging their inner chaos. Learn to create a force field of light to surround yourself with and do it well, because things are going to get very crazy around this planet in the next 3 months.

People are already sensing great difficulties and unstableness in your planetary system of the Universe. There is a great unrest but it hasn’t manifested yet fully into the planet. It is first working on your psyches because you’re all connected to the planets. I must tell you to change your frequencies, your diet and your habits so that your body will become a higher vibratory being or you will have disastrous experiences to come very soon. The world is going to be inundated with very many beings that are interdimensional and they will be working with those that are of the higher frequencies. First you will know that they are there because you will have seen many changes about yourself recently, from your diet and your possessions, to your whole outlook of life.

You’re detaching and you’re moving to a positive space whereas other people are becoming more gross, denser, angry, upset and unstable. These are all the polarities of the duality of consciousness that is of the higher realms, and that which is above the lower rooms in the cage world of your Earth. This is going to be the measurement on the breakaway of those that are going to be evolving, and those that will have to stay and practice another 26 thousand years.

Do your homework and your aim work.


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