Your whole world begins with you and how you feel within the confines of your heart and mind. You see, you perceive what you want to perceive by your frequency and bandwidth and by the radiation of your ability to love or connect with other living things with a sense of mutual respect and kindness. Ever so difficult it is when somebody is in the negative vibration, because it pulls you inward into reactionary states where their energy will attack your open heartedness and your goodwill, so you have to become on the defensive.

A word of caution, if you want to remain connected to your soul and higher frequency stay away from these people who are bitter with poor health habits and substance abuse. If they can’t take care of their bodies with respect that is their very own creation. Don’t think that they would even have the capacity to show you respect and love. Everything is frequency, everything is what your chemistry is in your body for it affects your mind and your emotions, both of which create your reality.

If you choose to be around negative people be shielded as there are schools of fish and currents of people that form collective realities and the effect of being around them will affect your consciousness and ways of thinking. These are very real and scientifically proven statements, no different than the fuel you put in your car. If you do not use good fuel, your car will not run well. It’s no different than your computer needing electrical current. If the current is toxic and their frequencies are off you will have distortion on the computer screen and it will not work at all.

You see, there are principles of resonance and frequency and you will be responsible for that flow of energy whether you like it or not. Take heed to knowing your inner power of your cord of feeling and protect your feelings. Your inner feelings mixed with your heart and your core frequency has a lot to do with what you manifest and how you feel about yourself. Above all, maintain clarity and keep your mind always in the metronome of higher frequencies and spiritual knowledge because it is easy to fall asleep with bad company, bad food and bad habits.

This is what distinguishes the masters in the making from the sheep in the herd. You can control your destiny when you’re in alignment with your soul.


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