One must come to terms with time and money because in reality neither is real. Your very currency is a belief system that those who control your churches, your banking and your governments use to manipulate you. Think about it, when you’re anxious what is it comes down to is financial realities of money. When you’re worried about time, what is it you usually have to deal with is money. When you open up your wallet and you pull out a note of paper, the print it on it says In God We Trust. It is a religion that you’re all believing to your detriment.

Even the tax and collection industries, they’re all bullies by the elite. No different than the mafia expecting payment for insurance so they won’t steal from you or have other criminal things happen to you, it’s no different. So therefore, I tell you to pull in a reality check. That’s right, write a reality check to yourself. Understand it’s all illusion, it’s all the game and you’re playing and being played in it. There are no winners because the house controls it all. You’re all slaves to the system and you don’t even know it. So in order to really achieve freedom from this you have to understand it.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but let them not take your time and your consciousness. Since they control everything you will have to compromise, but never compromise your ethics or your soul for anything. You must even get beyond the idea of death and slavery. You must become a heretic and follow the path of your soul and wisdom of the ages and step beyond the Matrix. Once you begin to rewrite the programs they won’t strangle you anymore. The courts will have dropped and the curtains will be opened and you will see all of the mechanisms behind the scenes, because your will is stronger than you may even imagine.

You will always remain yours as long as you keep it under check and in good shape. Learn to vote with your feet with people and situations when it compromises what you know to be true in your soul, and use that as your guide post. Because everything that you’ve been told is a lie from religions to the very history, all set up to program you as sheep. And until you can break through free and get into your interconnection with your soul you will just be another statistic upon the world, just another piece of meat following another script, another human resource. They control everything, never forget it.

But as long as you keep your mind, soul, and will and your sovereignty they cannot take that unless you give them permission. The point here is stop being anxious, it achieves nothing. The more you can quicken the vibrational fields around you which work as a magnet, then the effects of your being will be a flux and form a forcefield around you and you won’t be so susceptible to the manipulators. Quicken yourself to your soul and to your interdimensional friends and teachers. They will help you break beyond this illusionary world and find meaning of what and who you are and where you came from.

Stop following the herd and being deceived, but you must not deceive yourself because if you do, then you will really be in trouble. The question is, who and what will you serve with your time? What is meaning for you in your time’s worth? For if you invest in knowledge and the truths of the soul you will have invested wisely. Can you make the corrections? Never compromise your ethics or your soul for anything, for the soul that you are is sovereign. You must get beyond the idea of death but never compromise your ethics or your soul for anything, for the SOUL that you are in connection with is a sovereign dynamic presence.


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