If somebody carries negative energy around themselves they will transfer it all around you, do not be a victim of this. Many people have issues about themselves that they’re unhappy about, and if you push one of their triggers they’ll project on to you. There are so many people who are negative on this planet in their very existence, and wherever they go they seed this negativity. Some people even go so far as enjoying the effects they cause of suffering to others.

Nobody is free of karma. When you hurt others this will come back to you. You should never underestimate why out of the blue the Universe seems to be giving you payback. It’s all checks and balances, all necessary for your growth. Understand that you have to find love, strength and willpower on this planet and that comes from your daily habits and practices. Unfortunately, too many of you are programmed by religious upbringing, that you can be forgiven when you go out of your way to be intentionally negative to other life forms.

Everything sentient has feelings because feelings create along with mind and form. You could either escape from your negativity or you could enhance it. Either way you will experience the direct result of your actions. How can I get you to understand? This planet is a karmic cage world or a prison world and you must do time until your soul gets the experience, to learn love and compassion and the results of not having that, and this may take a few lifetimes or centuries.

You’re the mirror of how you feel about yourself and this is an opportunity for you to resolve whatever issues that are there. If you don’t understand frequency, harmony, cause and effect but want to be a mental tyrant of distortion then it will bring in other entities at the same frequency to entice you. Look at how everything is a lesson that you take with you and a deposit to your soul’s information. Things happen to you for a reason to teach you and sometimes it may not be fair or reasonable, but that’s what the soul brings to you to make you ever stronger.

Just remember, the soul never gives you what you cannot handle. It gives you what you need to get beyond. Keep in mind your personality as a human is only a small aspect of your true soul and consciousness that you’re all linked to. Understand the lesson, the emotional broadcasting and reaction. Furthermore, if you have understanding with knowledge your life will become very meaningful, and troublesome repeated lessons that you fail to realise will cease if you have gained your lesson.

Humans take so much pride and delight in the way they love to be acknowledged and seen. Yet so many fail to understand that what you’re wearing in your heart with your vibration is even more of what is seen on many levels, whether conscious or unconscious. You would be wise to dress your heart with love and radiance because it will shield you from many negative experiences, and you will not be lighting up other people’s reactions and the magnification of your own unrest.


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