You have gotten to where you are in life by the residue of your actions and attitude. Once again, never forget the result of those that are around you and how they can influence things that happen to you, for people can be very infectious on many levels. Disease is often a state of mind and then neglect for not being spiritually aware. After all it is the spirit that has endured many lifetimes and has gathered the wisdom of those lifetimes.

The cause and effect, the good and the bad. Anything that goes against the harmonious vibration of nature causes imbalances, disease and suffering. Many people continue to do stupid things and wonder why their life is so messed up. Just be careful, because when you hang around these people trying to be kind they can often infiltrate you with negative attachments, and their patterns can influence you in a bad way.

These are the kind of people that a successful company gets taken down by, for they are disruptive like rotten apples. Adult babies that have never grown up and are manipulators of those that are kind. I’m not saying not to have compassion, but do be careful that you do not become a host and facilitator to negative people in your life. Prosperity and clarity is a state of mind and a state of consciousness and most importantly, an attitude.

These are the kind of people that will betray you and not think anything of it because in their world everyone is subject to being a victim by them. Just be aware and keep a distance and isolation from these people. You will know them quite obviously because all that surrounds some is chaos. Habits often do not change, nor do people’s nature. Making changes in your life can also make changes in those around you. Sometimes you need to leave a company that holds you back and keeps you stuck.

If you want to change your life, begin with changing the order of your life and the things around you, from the very food you eat to the people around you.


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