You may discover you know more than you think by your feelings when they can be differentiated from background noise of random conflicts. You see, you have more sense than you sometimes want to admit in your life. Life is a skill to learn, it is you that controls the outcome by your actions of dreaming and foresight. Being aware is a state of balance you achieve by focused actions with a plan and a desire of good intention with the application of knowledge.

Take time to study, you have a whole life to learn. Getting there is to remain light and non-attached to the petty issues of life’s disturbances. Forever will people come and go and some will be more reactive in your life than others. The beauty is you can decide the state you wish to arrive at with people by your interactions. Do know that you can always burn the wick brighter in your hearts with the oil of love and good intentions to others and the world. For love binds all things together in harmony.

Remember always to learn to love yourself, for respecting your values set by the consciousness you have with your soul is the bench mark of self-mastery. It is up to HUE and your interests. Interests are the seeds that mature into wondrous manifestations. Time is a struggle when you’re out of balance and not in the flow to your heart and purpose mingled with the visions of your dreams. Your dreams are magic for they come from the soul and the ethers, all is a function of your actions and mindset.

Good habits create good purpose, never forget that. Bad habits create frustration and ill temper, it really is that simple. Either you’re of good nature or you’re denatured in poor diet, fuel, company and mindsets. Learn to reset from time to time and rest and with the spiritual journeys of your soul. For the path of love and spiritual insight is the only way to find your happiness and destiny in a world that is corrupted by the war mongers and money lords that ‘run’ your world. They will have their season.

But as all things on the Earth they will be recycled and made anew if they lack spiritual meaning. It has happened many times upon this world. Nature will release her fury and take back her gifts of life if the world tries to tame her. It is all in the process of experience and testing, like a rough draft of potential. For on the world lies evil and goodness all for experience, so that the soul may precipitate what it really finds value in, and in such it will determine the experiences it chooses to format into realities for itself upon the many planes of the UNIVERSE.

Much like fields planted with crops to be harvested, so is your journey dear ones.


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