Are you your self image or are you the images of the soul held by the negativity that others hold you by? Part of imagery is for you to claim and master what it is you want to be, for you and only you. Here lies the formation of dreams coming into order and reality of thought, feelings and desires. You see, just as you can have positive images, they create positive things because you are the creator of things. You can do the same thing with a negative images. Do understand, sometimes there are patterns that come up and you may feel totally disoriented and you will say “well, that’s not me’. That’s true, it isn’t you.

Those are the voices of images often held by others and negative imprints upon yourself. The key point here is for you to learn your meditation and to visualise positive things and dream of what it is you want to be. Always manifesting a cause and effect on what you want your life to be. Never think you’re going to be there, for you’re always in a state of transition and becoming more of what you are and releasing yourself from your body and all of the precepts by the world that it is held to you. You see, ultimately you are a soul in a body experiencing and everything is a flow of concept, perceptions and emotions which gives form to the ethers that creates things in your situations of life.

You can either be consciously and coherently aware of creating your life by making acts of will and intention for your betterment, or you can be a victim of your past hurts that you never outgrow. Sometimes this requires work in processing but keep in mind your soul always wants to build you into the clearest form of majestic beauty, because that is what you were meant to be. Polish and polish till you shine, this is true brilliance. Just remember that life is a process and a saturation and the building, nothing happens instantly. Just like chaos does not happen instantly. It is a choice by forgetting and fumbling in your life and not taking care of that which you know you need to do.

Never forget, you have the answers and you have the knowing. It is only your lack of knowing that you run into the problems and expect others to solve your life for you. This sets up laziness and bad habits into your life, all of which you can change. Remember sometimes ‘will’ needs to get into shape no different than your body. Willpower is the action of the flowing and your duty with mindset and the dreaming of your soul in the creation of your experience. So be mindful and your life can work together to create a wonderful experience you call life.


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