If you’re not in touch with your feelings in the greater parts of your self then your soul will cry out in these fragments for your consciousness and awareness. Understand that part of transmutation is to stop muting your real core feelings that are driving you, by turning the mute with busyness in avoidance to communicating of what it is. Energies without consciousness become radical in rebellious and wandering destructive personalities of self. These become your gremlins that frighten you. The more that you fear them and the more you feel your self, the more you empower your negative creations and views of yourself.

Chaos feeds chaos and order feeds order. One but may merely look at their surroundings as an indicator that it is time to find your sacred space within and talk to yourself and soul. Any action you do that puts you down for feeling good about yourself are the radical parts of your disruptive selves. You see, life has many actors in the movie that you are watching and as your days move on this is what entertains you. The actors of yourselves need a director so that your whole movie is integrated into a theme. Part of your transmutation is to sit back, look and observe and know you know, and then to take action.

But the action of changing yourself must happen in a flow, otherwise emotionally you become bottlenecked and then this creates frustration which makes the tasks unbearably difficult. You must change your guidance as encouragement for you being a better actor. Just remember while in a body that actor is there to practice becoming the best it can be. Be careful that you do not become stuck with ‘no no’s’ because correction must be come from one’s own director, the soul. Always work with changes in yourself when there’s a flow then get out of the concept of time.

Make the changes and step back then compliment yourself now and then. Remember it is always good to praise yourself from within, just as it is important to counsel yourself. Sometimes we overact because we want to be noticed and we overdramatise our lives because we want to be heard. Step back when you see this and get to the counsel of your soul because you really do know what’s going on. Listen to the wisdom of your director, its goal is for the production of your movie to be a success.


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