Today I wish to talk to you about the power of your emotions. Your emotions are the tools of the soul as it works through the physical prism of your body and their frequencies of light. They dance through the seven principles of the chakras each with a resonant factor of your intention, needs, wants and desires as manifested through the mind and in your DNA, and also in the script that you set up when you incarnated for the lessons you need to learn. The key point here is you’re in the school called Earth and you have a certain duration, but understand eventually you graduate because you have made the test. As long as you keep failing the same test fortunately you can come back to this room which is not of the lower realms.

Trust me, there are many much more lower realms than you can conceive, full of discarnate identities that are a failure and unloving that must experience and want to experience the lower levels of density and discord. All of which is for experience of course, not punishment. Understand that your emotions create and manifest through your chakras. Your thoughts are condensed with your intention and feelings making the ethers turn them into physical form in the Matrix of your world. Understand, two very terrifying things that can destroy your creativity, and that is worry and fear. There is a distinction between worry and ‘concerns’ and you must understand that for your betterment and power.

Worry comes from lacking knowledge, lacking self power and lacking self-confidence, all of which is magnified by fear which is your basic survival instinct. The trouble with most humans is they’re burned out in their adrenals because they’re constantly fed lies and fear. They’re told that it’s not okay to be self-empowered, that it is somehow an egotistical thing. Just remember, there is no ego, that was created by Sigmund Freud to describe his understanding of the human consciousness. There is the soul and there is the responsibility of that soul to be coherent and dynamic. It is in the DNA and it is in the life force that is in that unit of momentary separation called ‘personality’ and soul fragments.

Those that have collectively believed are controlled, and those that are of the governments do not want you coming online with your power and self realisation. Understand how corrupt most of the religions are. Any teaching that teaches you not to advance and to be dependent on somebody else without the guidance of your own hands and self is misleading. This teaches you to be sheep and good units in somebody else’s chess board and game. You term this the cabal. Do understand we are working diligently to help each and everyone of you to awaken and to get beyond everything that corrupts your mind and your self empowerment and knowledge. Clearly, anybody that teaches you there is no duality or male and female principles is disillusioned.

Just as you have your positive, you have your negative charges. These are the necessary polarities and the cabal has tried to brainwash you with political correctness, don’t fall into this insanity. You are either female or you are male, so why question it? Simple biology can tell the difference, at least it used to. Since fiery creative sexual energy is one of the strongest elements of creation at your core, does it surprise you that they want you confused? They want to teach your children biological derangement, fear and corruption in the very moral fibres of biology. Judgement; have you ever heard of the term good judgment? This comes from mind and knowledge and good moral and spiritual fibre. It is innate to the consciousness of the soul.

Why do you think they’re promoting not to judge and accept everything? Let the corrupted be the corrupted but those of you that are ready will receive knowledge to break you away from these illusions in the changing times ahead as the earth and the consciousness of man is ready to make the next Quantum Leap. Sometimes you have to lose your mind so that you will find your soul. Understand dear souls, that it is essential for you to reboot your mind and meditate because in your world you’re constantly brainwashed. You have this momentum building up where it’s gyrating you into the forces of those that want to control you and make you compulsive into consumption and mass media propaganda.

You need to be in nature and break away now and then and retrieve your soul, that is ever so essential. We are working with you when you sleep. Through the caverns of the Earth new frequencies are beginning to come through all the crystals as the magnetic course is beginning to change its polarity. It’s really about activating a great dynamic machine for the changes to come upon your planet. Many of you will start getting upgrades again but this time it’s not going to be so disorienting. It’s going to be about recovering your self-worth and letting go of your false principles of self judgement. It’s about finding peace and finding out that the world is an illusion. You can’t win the world and find your soul but you can find your soul and win in the world and make that distinction.

Just go easy on yourself and understand that when you’re in the principles of balance which comes from good health and rest, that you don’t have to push the river. The flow and gravity of the things you need to do will be a force within you that just loads. If it is something you have to push or you have to fight for like whipping an old mule in the field that just needs food and rest, so it is with your souls in your body. Give it a break and take time to recharge and understand it’s not all about work or pleasure. It’s all about balance and that’s so essential for recreational time and spiritual studies, and for the work that you must do to sustain your current way of monetary exchange that is all under the cabal.

Never lose your soul nor your integrity. That is something they can’t take, your soul sovereignty. Because once the light goes on you can’t pull the wool over the eyes anymore because this brilliance always shines to lighten up the illusion.


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