Know of the mind. It is always trying to solve and figure things out, like what to do and what to find and how to solve. Busy busy is a functional mind. The only trouble is oftentimes it can’t mind itself. Inspiration comes from a quiet mind. How to quiet the mind comes from taking care of filing energies in completing cycles. Sometimes like using your muscles, the mind becomes fatigued because it does not know how to park itself when being rushed. Hence the term fear. Fear is the disarming of the functionality of the mind which deadlocks the creative energy for it to function. Where there is fear there is a separation of potential creative and soul inspiration.

The only remedy is knowledge and action. The only freedom is when you can respond with your own mindset, consciousness and action or you will have to pay someone else to handle these things for you, such as a lawyer or solicitor. I can assure you it is profitable for them for you not to know the rules of the game. That is why they want you subservient by fear with their knowledge kept to themselves. This is why the world is run by religions because the real religious leaders have a lot of information on record and they are studied. That way they can forecast and manipulate society. Therefore, I urge you to become strong at will and in your own action with a mindset that has knowledge. Of course, this requires being in shape spiritually.

This is why many have a distinction that somebody else will save you which leads you further down the rabbit hole of their control over you. When consciousness is at your side with vision and mindset then you pay attention to what your real spirit counsel says. I can assure you that when you begin making changes on this realm of consciousness you will see action for the better in the ease of getting your life together. By the same balance of scale you will also see that when you do not pay attention to your counsel of your soul you will get rewarded with karma very quickly, because you’re working on the spiritual principles which are there to help you break away from the denser material realms.

You see, the choice of consciousness is your action and knowledge and this only comes from growth and awareness in the form of the jewels of wisdom. Hold this integrity dear to your heart, for this truly is the currency of the soul in the harvest of the personality you experience in the human body. When that aspect of your consciousness returns back to your soul in the oneness of understanding and beingness, I may tell you that there are secrets beyond your imagination that you have not been savvy to. The controllers of your realm do not want you to find your power, for the ignorance of the masses make better controllable sheep for their agendas. As always the choice to evolve and transcend is yours.

The essence of your incarnation is your pilot and your soul is the navigator, never forget that. Come to terms with your mind for it is a machine that needs maintenance. You must remember yourself, because it is in a body with interactions of people that have their mindset connection to the matrix that you forget who you really are. Understand, you all have innate knowledge beyond your comprehension. You have all been through many lifetimes, you have seen it all. So oftentimes great strides can be made with the soul’s connection and remembering. This is why the soul can speak to you in dreams and the Universal presence can reach you as well as your ancestors or loved ones.

All because for a while the computer of the mind has shut down and is not pressed processing the applications of the Matrix. Learn to wake up in your soul and bring your power into the Matrix, then you will become a singularity of change to the world that is useful and become the dynamic being you’re meant to be. Choose to remember in the quiet of the mind and the ocean of wisdom will pour into the beach of your mind. Find the company that believe in you and your creative dreams and walk away from the nightmares that judge and belittle you. Have mind to evaluate yourself and any inappropriate activity that does not fit the common respect of your soul, nor the encounters of the collective of the people you’re with.

Understand there are different degrees of disturbances that come from within yourself and the collection of others around you, for everything and everyone is a mirror. Dare to look at yourself in the mirror and love who you really are. Forsake all religions and forsake all trinkets of titles, degrees and your saviours. They’re not doing their job or the world wouldn’t be so screwed up, this is mere fact. If you want to change the world and you want to do something good, that begins with loving yourself and that is okay. Because in order to steam from the state of where you’re at, you must be agitated enough and in a state of change in order to leave the densities of the lower planes.

You will always precipitate your vibration to things around you. You’re creating by your very thoughts, interest and dreams. Find the path of nobleness of the soul and respect all life forms including yourself.


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