In the business of your duties in your Earth School it is the mind that must be unlocked and unblocked. Your very thinking has been corrupted by religion and science, all of which are controlled and manipulated by agents behind the scenes. You’re given just enough truth; that their conjectures about life and afterlife are laid in the teaching and the only way. But those brave heretics that dare venture out and think for themselves and find the voice of their OWN SOUL, I salute you! Do understand, that they trick you with the uncertain and the END TIMES, and their saviours and their devils, which in effect makes you a puppet pulled by the strings of their systematic creations all about you.

Know this, it is all a test and observation of various factions of very technological and superior biological entities. The conscious spark of your being that works with the mind is put here to learn to the degree of evolution of the soul compliant nature, and your obedience to the LAW of ONE. ONE being, the PRIME CONSCIOUSNESS you are endowed with. Remembering your way back home to your true self is the task that you must do by un-fragmenting your mind. In the doing of such, you take the pieces of your venturous soul and collect to the presence of the one that knows, and that dear souls is the real HUE.

The real battle is the demons of the churches and the controlled scientists all dispensing and inoculating the collective’s societies upon your planet. If what they taught you is correct then why do their saviours still promote wars and separation of respect for NATURE? The simple fact is they are feeding off the energy of your inner light that works through your emotions, fears, believes and opinions to the conspiracies that they in fact create. People of the Earth, you have had over 2,000 years with the limitations of religion and the theft of knowledge by the Churches and government corporations that have enslaved you.

You’re so busy just trying to pay your debts that are getting worse each year, all based on the Banking industries and the Elite enterprise’s agendas that you’re to busy to know yourself, your true self. All in agreement by implied contracts you make in your daily commerce. The only way out is to find the soul’s information that has been blocked and to do this you must open of the doors of your psyche. This is a path you’re to fear for it frees you. Know this, that when you open doors be careful who and what you let in. As you begin to see your body will become clear of the nature and habits the masses are plagued with.

For disease of the body is disease of the mind. If you dare the path will open up to escape the dungeon of this world and you had better be of higher frequencies through love, knowledge and a pure body and mind. Then when you walk the path you will not be haunted by lower Earth bound entities that are the by-products of wounded souls, lost and tormented seeking your body as a port of entry, but you’re on a journey of your OWN SOUL. Knowing this will protect and guide you, for it is ONE with the COSMOS. To do so you will find meaning and peacefulness of your remembered Higher Self forgotten.


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