In times of changes your personality will see both the positive matter and the antimatter as it were. There are principles upon your world that always want to keep things in balance to the Matrix. This is why we are teaching you for the times ahead by testing your actions to rid yourselves of negative issues imbuing from people you’re in release of, and situations that have kept the doors locked for your advancement and clarity. You see, you must be firm with your space when you have intruders coming into your life. Like crab grass upon your turf, give them a space by your kindness and you will become a facilitator.

There are so many adult children upon your planet. These are the cry babies that will not change. They’re always sabotaging their opportunities to change and in effect will bring their realities into your world and cause havoc. Be kind dear souls, but remember who you let into your front door of your life. For they can and will bring their unresolved issues into your space and you will be brought down by them. Learn to keep a distance and choose your company well when they’re in close proximity. The world is at unrest and great epics of nature will cause many to panic and fall off the deep end.

This is why we are working with many of you to be conditioned and ready for the changes that will start to happen by the end of the year 2018. Many world anomalies are the markers of great changes. This is all part of the change and the breakdown to free your souls. Those of the light must become light warriors and obedient to their inner know. The magnetic flux of the Earth and gravity will be shifting and this will cause much unrest to your minds and institutions. Look at the signs and be ready, this is going to be a great time of change. As you say ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Just keep your corrupted religions out of this.

This is ancient knowledge of events that the ancients knew of coming cycles that have always occurred upon your planet as of the recent 200,000 years. For the heavenly bodies have been misaligned by great wars in your solar system and have caused many large particles to be floating in space as debris. The alignment of your planets are now trying to resolve and undo many things. Remember this, all is ONE and alive. Even the very rocks upon your planet you call innate. For it is all energy patterns of primordial imprints clustering things into apparent forms you call matter.

There are great caverns within the Earth as I have spoken of earlier in my previous contacts to you that have large crystals that will be activating as the rotation and magnetic alignment changes your frequencies in the restoration and cleansing of the corrupted ones of old that have misused your planet and surrounding bodies. We are here in great ships that are cloaked and are watching and working with many of you that were sent here to learn of the current human kind to understand them with their chaos and confusion, so that when you are activated as many of you are, you offer stability to many of the lost souls that will not understand the new birth that is slated upon your world.

Make yourselves strong and rid yourself of things you do not need. Stay light and sharpen your survival skills. Take time to listen. You already know your know, follow your intuition. The keepers and deceivers of your planet are suppressing what is about to happen, learn to look at the signs.


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